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Cloudways announces the successful integration of Google Compute Engine (GCE) within its powerful and user-friendly Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and they have got serious bragging rights from Forbes on this new induction.

With this integration, Cloudways aims to provide developers with the best possible cloud hosting platform  that allows them to develop web projects easily and without the worry of handling hosting infrastructure.

“Cloudways adds value by making it easier and faster to launch performance optimized servers with preconfigured environment,” said Pere Hospital, CTO and Co-founder of Cloudways. “Our goal is to provide a platform that increases productivity by relieving developers from technical troubles,” he added.

By introducing Google Compute Engine, Cloudways has reduced the barrier-to-entry for developers. Furthermore, it makes sense to have Google cloud on its platform as the infrastructure is one of best maintained and most stable in the industry. According to CloudHarmony’s cloud performance analysis tool CloudSquare, GCE has 99.9798% uptime, one of the highest in the cloud hosting industry.

Furthermore, it is also worth nothing that Google Cloud Engine is the same infrastructure where Google’s web products, like Search, YouTube and Gmail are hosted.

“With a powerful and feature-rich Cloud Platform already in place, Cloudways has always focused on developing customer-convenient products. This is why we have come up with an integrated GCE on our platform to bolster website and server performance,” elaborated Aaqib Gadit, Co-founder, Cloudways.

The developers will surely love Google Cloud Engine as it will ensure complete platform integrity. By using Cloudways, they can develop web projects of any scope or size by using the given 1-click installers of popular CMS, ecommerce, and PHP framework solutions. They can also develop custom apps using the PHP stack.

With 3 hosting locations, developers will surely find Managed Google Compute Engine servers on Cloudways Cloud Platform a brilliant product to have.