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Infrastructure as a Service is yet another model of the profitable Cloud Computing technology that provides users, entrepreneurs, organizations and enterprises whole virtual machines, with which they can leverage their main stream IT operations.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service empowers the businesses without the need of acquiring in-house software and hardware. This revolutionized concept of IaaS Cloud now turned into reality and offered as a service, provides innumerable benefits to IT giants all over the world.

Infrastructure as a Service

How IaaS Cloud can be your way to a Successful Business?

Cloud Computing through its various segments has laid great emphasis in virtualizing IT work cultures of organizations. And till now individuals who induced Cloud Computing into their main stream IT operations have always reaped great profits from this venture.

In IaaS Cloud too, Cloud Computing enhances the proficiency of enterprises in carrying out their system administrations, deploying various applications, managing their virtual infrastructures or just hosting their online presences.

Infrastructure as a Service Cloud not only simplifies the operations an organization needs to cater to ensure the functionality, but it also relieves them of costly over runs they may face in acquiring hardware peripherals or legitimate softwares to carry out such processes. Various Infrastructure as a Service – Iaas Cloud providers focus on providing users all the necessary tools they need in pay-as-you go format.

Top 20 Infrastructure as a Service Providers Analyzed

For our readers, in this post we have put together some of the well known Iaas Cloud service providers in our traditional Top 20 style. This is not just the list of best 20 Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS Cloud, but we have put together something more enlightening to you.

It’s not what these IaaS Cloud providers offer to businesses, but it is about how each one of them can become a valuable asset to your company, to meet organizational goal of yours. Let’s find out!

# 1 – RackSpace

Rackspace, with its size-selectable and customizable Iaas Cloud, provides user robust Cloud Computing services. RackSpace also couples its Infrastructure as a Service Cloud with its own ‘fanatical support services’. Such distinctive attributes have created quite some popularity and rivals too for this Texas based Cloud service provider.

Founded in 1998, Rackspace – an open cloud leader has several business models that include, cloud hosting, managed hosting, email hosting and DNS hosting etc to endue their customers in a more efficient manner. For more details: you can check Rackspace profile on our website to see what they are offering to all size of businesses.

» How Rackspace can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Rackspace which was first known just by its hosting services has now become a behemoth in the Cloud industry. Now, it can provide users with customizable and resource rich Cloud infrastructure which they can scale and harness proficiency via Cloud based IT operations.

The best part of Rackspace IaaS Cloud is that businesses can scale their organizational needs and improve their efficiency and productivity by hosting their business onto the reliable and efficient network of Infrastructure as a Service, offered by Rackspace. It simply saves huge budget which your company had invested on managing in-house IT operations.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 2 – Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is considered to be the big boy of Cloud game. It’s popular, reliable and affordable because of its metered payment style. However, it’s Amazon EC2 which lets users play with the compute capacity is setting the standard for advance manageable Cloud infrastructure.

AWS EC2 is robust and highly efficient cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service model which gives complete control to businesses over their online presence. From security to scalability, this IaaS Cloud provider has its ground over each of the feature.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure as a Service has been adopted by various companies, which makes the company position stand out in the highly competitive market of the Cloud.

» How Amazon Web Services can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

When we talk about Cloud innuendos, the name Amazon Web Services is omnipresent.  AWS is surely the big player of Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud industry. It is like the letters AWS have become synonymous with Cloud. It provides pioneer and contemporary Cloud services such as Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and its NoSQL database i.e. DynamoDB.Infrastructure as a Service

# 3 – Bluelock

Bluelock provide robust Cloud Computing services and managed services that are backed by VMware vCloud Datacenter. This is a rather proficient way of securing the cloud services. Users get to deploy multiple infrastructures via BlueLock Cloud Computing services that are SAS-70 type 2 certified. This accreditation guarantees users that there Cloud infrastructure is impenetrable.

» How Bluelock can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Bluelock which is among the first certified VMware Cloud service provider is sure to help companies and get their business up and running. Its Sas-70 Type II data center can provide business the most robust and secure Cloud experience of all.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 4 – AT&T

AT&T a well Known IaaS Cloud service as well as telecom service provider, has lead many controversies for its wireless network, however, it provides users synaptic Cloud offerings that include Infrastructure as a Service and storage as a service. There service level agreements guarantee 99.99 percent uptime.

» How AT&T can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

AT&T is literally serious about Cloud technology and it has proven this by pledging to invest billions in Cloud and mobility and even by signing on with OpenStack Cloud project which would be open source. AT&T sure has the potential to drive success towards its users with competitive Cloud services and robust platform of Infrastructure as a Service.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 5 – CA Technologies

CA technologies came out of the corner over throwing all the guff they bore for the past two years regarding their services. Anyways, in spite of the previous acquisitions that cost them a lot of Cloud sales, now they have come up with smart and efficient Cloud services to offer their users.

» How CA Technologies can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

CA technologies allow users to automate their varied It operations and orchestrate their physical and virtual resources in a fully maintained Cloud environment. Users can deploy on demand applications and complex infrastructure by using the catalog of virtual appliances that CA technologies puts at their disposal.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 6 – Cloudscaling

Cloudscaling is a renowned Cloud Computing service provider that builds massive clouds for service providers all over the world. They also hold the repository for providing cloud infrastructure even to managed Cloud hosting providers. Their offerings are economic with an stern importance given to performance.

» How Cloudscaling can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Cloud scaling gives you the proficiency, agility and performance you require to maneuver your mainstream IT operations and deploy complex infrastructures. With Cloud scaling you can leverage under your on-premise IT team, the benefits of a public cloud with the scrutiny and performance of private Cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 7 – Datapipe

Although, Datapipe holds the infrastructure from Amazon cloud services but they provide unique suits of their own as well. They offer smart manage Cloud services to users on the top of Amazon EC2 that include patching, monitoring, deployment, management and more, providing users the nuts and bolts to experience a relishing Cloud environment.

» How Datapipe can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

The smart and agile support services for Datapipe can greatly alter your existing IT operations that would enhance your credibility. With managed IaaS services from Data pipe your are assured to have a worry less experience and focus only on your business development.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 8 – Enomaly

Enomaly offers Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) which has been heralded to be the true form of Infrastructure-as-a-service in its essence. Enomaly, from the great white north, promises users massive scalability, reliability and plethora of features in its lightweight Cloud environment.

» How Enomaly can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Enomaly’s ECP is sure a complete Cloud in the box option for users, with which they can control the flexibility and power of the economic Cloud computing. The on demand Iaas from Enomaly is a quick, easy and a complete feature set for users.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 9 – GoGrid

GoGrid is known to be the world’s largest pure-play infrastructure-as-a-service provider. It provides resource rich Cloud infrastructure to users which they can easily deploy within minutes.  The plethora of apps and high-end flexibility is what that separates them from the rest.

» How GoGrid can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

GoGrid is bringing in new capabilities into its Cloud architecture however; it is known to be a pure-play Iaas Provider. With GoGrid users can deploy and manage apps and reduce their workloads. They recently launched GoGrid exchange that will provide users a repository of Cloud Solutions.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 10 – HP Cloud

Hp provides cutting-edge Iaas Cloud services to users all over the alcove. Their HP BladeSystem Matrix play lays the foundation for their rapidly deployable private Cloud infrastructure and numerous apps. They are also known for cutting ownership costs up to 56 percent.

» How HP Cloud can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

HP sure does have the chops to be one of the big guns of Cloud industry. HP’s leap into the Cloud industry especially into Iaas will allow users to leverage HP hardware and software as well as their OpenStack customizable Cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 11 – Joyent

Joyent, the pioneer for dealing in Cloud Computing services has a history of seven years in the Cloud industry. Joyent is also very well known because of its software stack for SmartDataCentre play. Joyent offers its smart Iaas Cloud services to individuals and entrepreneurs including Cloud service providers too.

» How Joyent can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Joyent cloud employs smart virtualization techniques to provide high performance Iaas clouds to users. Their over smart tactics and high performance metrics for security and efficiency can give users an edge over their competitors.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 12 – NaviSite

NaviSite revolutionized from hosting services to provide managed Cloud services. However, now it also offers on demand main stream IT Cloud services such as apps, storage messaging, servers and networks to big and small businesses. NaviSite was recently acquired by Time Warner Cable and now it promises round the clock support, Top Notch SLAs and usage- based payments.

» How NaviSite can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Robust Cloud infrastructure from NaviSite can bring tremendous profitability into your IT work cultures as it offers greater flexibility and faster solutions that are quick to manage and cost effective. With NaviSite at your side you can manage your IT operations in real time and guarantee round the clock uptime with offsite backups and smart disaster recovery strategy.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 13 – Eucalyptus

Private Cloud Infrastructure is what Eucalyptus deals in. It provides Cloud resources that power up the Cloud environments of organizations, enterprises and governments. Eucalyptus offers Cloud services to users that have the potential to increase system’s productivity and innovation.

» How Eucalyptus can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Eucalyptus boasts to have more than 25,000 enterprise Cloud starts and just recently they also added support for high availability Cloud environments. Eucalyptus continues to progress more and enrich its offerings; however, its two fronts i.e. Cloud and Open Source have been highly acclaimed by the masses.

Infrastructure as a Service

#14 – Verizon

Verizon provides multitude of infrastructures as a service Clouds to large enterprises and businesses. One of its Computing as a service segments also holds certain offerings for small and medium businesses. Responsive support and assistance puts Verizon ahead of its competition.

» How Verizon can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Verizon recently scooped up Terremark to add another feather to its hat. This Cloud giant is the next big contender in the Cloud industry and boasts to have thousands of users. It surely can enhance the proficiency of many a great organizations by reducing their IT hassles and workload.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 15 – ENKI

ENKI is making waves off popularity with its various yet all amazing Cloud computing services. As an infrastructure-as-a-service Cloud provider, its premium managed Cloud computing services under the banner of PrimaCloud offer users’ scalable, virtual private data centers that are reliable and proficient to the core.

» How ENKI can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

ENKI’s state of art Cloud servers lets users super charge their businesses and accomplish their goals. Their production grade servers and on demand IT management services allow users to deploy virtualized scalable infrastructure as per their requirements.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 16 – Layered Techs

Providing beneficial managed hosting services all employing the versatile Cloud Computing tactics and services, Layered Techs Infrastructure as a Service Cloud assist businesses and enterprises in achieving their business goals and break free from the hassle involved in buying IT hardware and accessories. Layered tech is known to have some top –tier data centers.

» How Layered Techs can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Layered techs offer big and small business a cost effective option to deploy their Iaas Cloud and evolve their on-premise IT operations. Layered techs which is known to have well maintained data centers can minify your concerns regarding accessibility of virtualized infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 17 – OpSource

OpSource too outgrew its connections with traditional hosting solutions and now offers beneficial private Iaas Cloud. OpSource Cloud Computing services promise metered payments, tight security, control, support and most importantly 100 percent availability of resources.

» How OpSource Cloud can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

OpSource with its full fledged Cloud services is surely the first go to for organizations that want to virtualize their IT infrastructure. OpSource that grew from managed hosting services sky rocketed to success with its cloud infrastructure and with Dimension Data at its back presence can only go skyward.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 18 – Logicworks

Logicworks with its smart infiniCloud play provides users the ability to deploy and run virtual server from its Infrastructure as a Service Cloud that starts only at 6 cents per an hour. For individuals who would want to build private Clouds, logic works offers single tenant VM solutions.

» How Logicworks Cloud can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

Logicworks a well known Iaas Cloud provider provides highly inexpensive means to organizations or individuals to deploy their very own Iaas Clouds. This can be great opportunity for business to induce profitable Cloud computing into their IT operations and enhance their functionality.

Infrastructure as a Service

#19 – Savvis

Savvis, a renowned Cloud Computing service provider, recently launched Savvis Symphony built on Infrastructure as a Service model which is a suit of Cloud solutions focused primarily for enterprises. These services let enterprises break free from the shackles of employing hardware and the hassle incurring in software licensing.  All-in-all Savvis provides services to enterprises with which they can reduce their capital expenses and improve their forefront IT operations.

» How Savvis Cloud can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

After it was acquired by CenturyLink, Savvis has become the part and parcel of the revolutionized Cloud industry. The combined potential of both the companies offer managed hosting and outsourced IT infrastructure to users that can greatly enhance their credibility and work cultures.

Infrastructure as a Service

# 20 – SunGard

SunGard offers fully managed Infrastructure as a Service clouds with which users can diversify their on-premise IT operations. SunGard tackles Cloud Computing services by providing ironclad security, limitless resources and SLAs that promise 99.95 percent availability.

» How SunGard Cloud can be a Valuable Asset to your Business?

SunGard the fully managed Infrastructure as a Service provider promises users great support and administration when they outsource their various IT segments upon them. SunGard drives next generation tech in to the virtualized IT of users to provide them with a 99.99 percent of uptime and accessibility.

Infrastructure as a Service


These are some Top Notch Infrastructure as a service providers that are distinct from one another on the basis of their benchmark and service level innuendos. So select your favorite Infrastructure as a Service provider from the above mentioned list and minify your existing on-premise IT infrastructures.

There are several other IaaS Cloud providers available in the market and more and more comapnies are investing in Infrastructure as a service providers platoform to have a go at it. For more cloud providers other than the above mentioned one, go through our cloud hosting providers page and explore more IaaS Cloud providers.