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Joomla Performance Optimization

Joomla is a renowned Content Management System (CSM) used by millions of users due to its brilliant functions and ease of usage. Thousands of extensions and plug-ins are available for the user’s facilitation. Despite its amazing features, many users complain about the slow Joomla performance and security issues that come across ofttimes.

One should remember that Joomla offers customization feature to alter its functions as per user’s needs. In the same way, it needs to be optimized to enhance Joomla performance using built-in options and Joomla optimization plug-ins. We have previously covered some fine Joomla security tips & tricks which we conceive is an ideal clump for our readers. Our today’s topic is subjected to the same and we will be discussing throughout the best possible ways to Joomla performance optimization techniques.

Joomla Performance Optimization Tips: Have it Say!

Let’s have a look at some Joomla optimization tips and plug-ins that would help greatly in enhancing Joomla performance. Whether you are a tech savvy or new to Joomla CMS. The below complied Joomla optimization tips will surely help you to have an ameliorate performance over Joomla CMS.

# 1 – Have an Uptime Monitor for your Joomla Site

The first and essential thing you need to do for ameliorating your Joomla performance is to build a response time baseline. For this purpose, you must use an uptime monitor that provides you with detailed and thorough information about your Joomla site.

It notifies you when your site goes down. The most recommended uptime monitor option for this purpose is ‘Pingdom’. You can explore some other tools but we rated Pingdom as among the best uptime monitor tool available.

# 2 – Optimize your Joomla Template

One of the major causes of the poor Joomla performance is the template you are using. It may look great in appearance, but it may be bringing your site’s performance down due to higher concentration of graphics and content.

You can choose a template that’s easy to load and simpler to optimize. Joomla offers thousands of templates for its users so you can explore for one or many for better and improved Joomla performance.

# 3 – Go for CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) offers a separate new source for the browsers to load the files of your site. It resolves numerous issues of a site that has been slowed down. Opting for a CDN would be a reasonable option for improving Joomla performance. And it does ameliorate the performance of any website; whether based on Joomla or any other CMS.

CDN is widely used by tens of thousands of  customers for several reasons, but we conceive that most of the users have the same idea in mind – to have their website optimized! Hence, CDN is something that you may go with for Joomla performance tweak too.

# 4 – Always Use Built-in Joomla Caching

By default, Joomla has its own caching mechanism. It is recommended that the users use only this caching in order to boost Joomla performance.

This Joomla performance optimization tips is essential and highly recommendable to Joomla users. See some performance Cache extensions / plugins HERE which you may install to meliorate your Joomla site performance.

# 5 – Use Updated Versions of Joomla and its Extensions

With every new release of Joomla, enhanced Joomla performance can be observed. The bugs and issues are fixed and new features are added in every new updated version of Joomla released in the market.

Same is the case with Joomla extensions. If in case you are still using the older versions of extensions, then your Joomla performance may more likely to be affected. Therefore, users must use the updated and latest versions of Joomla and its extensions.

# 6 – Delete Unnecessary & Inactive Extensions

Users keep installing numerous extensions for different purposes. Most of the time, these extensions turn out to be useless for the user, but it remains installed in the site.

These stacked up extensions that are not at all required or are inactive must be removed at once as these cause a site to slow down. By following this Joomla performance optimization tip – it is certain that your website running over Joomla will be all optimized.

# 7 – CSS and JavaScript Optimization

This Joomla performance optimization technique is used to combine and compress all the JavaScript and CSS files into a single file that boosts up the loading speeding of the site. Several extensions and plug-ins are available in the market offering this feature that can be installed easily.

ScriptMerge –  is one of the most recommended extensions for this purpose. This Joomla performance optimization plug-in brings together and merge all the JavaScript files and CSS stylesheets into a single file on your website. The browser now does not need to load numerous small files, but needs only to load a single file for each; JavaScript and CSS. This reduces the size of HTTP requests that ultimately lead to the optimization of the bandwidth of the Joomla site.

Some other extensions are jFinalizer, WDPFast, RokBooster, IceSpeed and others. These are also among the best Joomla performance optimization extensions to help optimize your Joomla website with ease.

# 8 – Images Optimization

Image optimization is another Joomla optimization technique that can improve the performance of your site. This will result in faster and quicker performance of your Joomla site. You can have different extensions for this purpose. Some of these are listed below.

  • Content Optimizer – helps you optimizing pictures and images by caching and resizing them.
  • Lazy Load for Joomla! – optimizes the images in such a manner that it will only load the images when a visitor views the images by scrolling to them. This improves the loading speed of the Joomla website.

What are you Waiting For?

Now you don’t need to worry about the poor performance of your Joomla site. These tips and suggestions ensure you an improved Joomla performance that will offer a better user experience.

Try some or all of these tips, you will soon observe the positive results for sure. Get your hands on the suggested Joomla optimization plug-ins and enjoy the faster and quicker website. For a range of Joomla extensions catering different kinds of users’ needs, you can refer to the below Joomla Extension Directory.

Don’t Want to Optimize your Joomla Performance at your Own, What Else can be Done?

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