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JDI Backup group have established their brand since the inception of their company in several manners. The year 2012 turned out to be a good one for them. They have brought in various new additions in their existing services and most commonly in the area of cloud storage.

With back to back new additions and apps introduced by JustCloud in 2012, they have now come up with some breaking news for Windows users.

With their first 2013 release earlier in January, they are pleased to announce the newest arrival of Windows 8 or Windows RT Cloud Storage App, which will primarily help users to access & share their data while on the move.

JustCloud Windows 8 App Interface

This is a continuous series of modern Mobile App roll-outs from the company. Previously, they have launched Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

The new Windows 8 or Windows RT App will give Windows fans secure options to use, share & explore their private and confidential files from anywhere and at any time.

With expertise in Cloud Storage & file synchronization, JustCloud has included some great features in this app. Additionally, all backed up and stored digital files are visible to you on an intuitive interface.

And here’s some more great news – the JustCloud Windows 8 App is completely FREE!

This easy-to-use Cloud Storage and Online Backup App comes with Secure Storage with Amazon S3 and 256-Bit SSL encryption, providing users with data protection not only for Data-at-Rest, but also for Data-on-the-Move. Users can take pictures, create memos, work on office documents and share it with your friends, colleagues and loved ones anytime and anywhere without any fear of data theft attempts.

Not a JustCloud customer yet? Create your account now with a FREE TRIAL, and download this Windows 8 App to access and share your files securely and seamlessly.

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