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Moodle cloud HostingMoodle, a learning management system (LMS) or a virtual learning environment (VLE) was designed with a vision to help educators teach online.

This is achieved through the creation of online courses that promote interactions for individuals via construction of collaborative content.

Moodle Hosting is under continuous evolution, and is increasingly gaining popularity. According to a research study, till October 2012 it had been the base of 70,794 registered sites, with 63,204,814 users and 1.2+ million teachers.

Moodle Cloud Hosting, which previously used Traditional Hosting solutions, can now provide a much reliable and proficient user experience through Cloud Hosting.

Moodle Hosting – Best Moodle Cloud Hosting Providers

For our readers, and especially Moodle hosting enthusiasts/ entrepreneurs, we have compiled a list of the Top Ten Moodle Cloud Hosting Providers. See below for some of the Top Notch Moodle Cloud Hosting Providers.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
2 Amazon $0.016/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
3 GoGrid $0.06/hr . ..... Provider Profile
4 WindowsAzure $0.013/hr . ..... Provider Profile
5 GoDaddy $0.05/hr . ..... Provider Profile
6 eUKhost $0.016/hr . ..... Provider Profile
7 HPCloud $0.04/hr . ..... Provider Profile
8 TMDHosting $0.069/hr . ..... Provider Profile

What a Moodle Cloud has to Offer?

Cloud Computing has been the source to develop many businesses. Providing a resource-rich platform that is scalable, secure and reliable, it has revolutionized I.T work cultures. Even individual Moodle cloud users have access to these features on the Cloud.

Moodle Hosting on the Cloud eliminates the issues that were common in Traditional Hosting. It provides Moodle owners a robust Hosting solution that is rich in resources, and the choice of scaling these resources, is also left at their disposal. Moodle Cloud offers its resources to users as a pay-per-use model, making this an inexpensive venture even for individuals..

Moodle Cloud Hosting- Standard Features

Here is an overview of some of the key features of Moodle hosting. Each feature has its own importance and hence should be considered before selecting a Moodle Cloud provider.

  • Scalable Resources

Hosting Moodle in the Cloud relieves users form the concerns of server fail-overs. As it is a cluster of servers that provide backup to your website in the Moodle Cloud, you can enjoy a stable environment even during heavy traffic spikes.

These, and many other resources such as bandwidth and memory, are scalable and users can utilize them according to their needs.

  • Metered Pricing Model

Unlike Traditional Hosting, which provided its resources as rentals, Moodle Cloud Hosting offers users numerous beneficial resources all based on the metered pricing model. Users are only charged for the resources they use.

  • Thwart All Threats

The Security of your assets is given foremost importance in Moodle Cloud. High level encryption techniques, fire walls, security modules and security audits make your Moodle domain invulnerable to threats.

  • Flexible Interface

A Moodle Cloud offers users extra flexibility. Users have the ability to fully customize their Cloud environments. They have access to the latest tools and apps that are required to make their Moodle Cloud Hosting environment tuned to their specific needs.

Users also enjoy unlimited memory and an unlimited quota to deploy sub-domains in the same Moodle Cloud.

  • Experts To Support

Moodle Cloud Hosting providers offer users 24/7/365 support. In case of any query or problem,  technical experts from Moodle Cloud Hosting are always  available to help you sort things out.

In addition to support, in Managed Moodle Cloud Hosting, these Cloud experts also provide you server management and monitoring facilities. They also cater to your system administration needs that ensures your domain enjoys non-stop online activity.

Would Moodle Cloud Hosting Suffice to your Business Needs?

We would like to believe so With Moodle Hosting, you will have the resources you lacked in Traditional Hosting, and which may have cost your domain some precious uptime.

A Cloud environment surpasses all hardware limitations that guarantee your website to run smoothly amidst traffic spikes. This is an important feature that makes your Moodle Cloud hosting websites immune to fail-overs, even when chock full of visitors, learners and students are accessing  content on your Moodle Cloud Hosting website.

The pay-per-use feature of Moodle Cloud Hosting can also prove to be very cost-effective and may save you costly over-runs, which are, otherwise, inevitable in conventional Hosting solutions.

Secondly, in addition to robust security and support, Managed Moodle Cloud Hosting  also  relieves you from your domain’s system administration, and allows you to spend more time in doing what you do best – running a successful Learning Management System (LMS)

Moodle Cloud Hosting – Make a Smart Move

Keeping pace with the innovative Cloud Hosting technology can set your Moodle website apart from your competition. With Moodle Cloud Hosting, your website will enjoy a reliable, secure and feature-rich hosting environment.

So, why wait? Choose any Moodle Cloud Hosting provider from our top ten list today and get your Moodle on a much efficient and profitable Cloud environment.