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Have you ever wondered how much you will suffer if your hard drive crashes leaving you empty handed? It’ll be no worse than a nightmare for you when you realize that you have lost all your personal pictures, files, folders and confidential information that you have gathered over the years. The question arises: Is there a way out? The answer is: Yes. You can save yourself from this great loss by backing up all your data so that you can recover it in an event of data loss.

With numerous online backup service providers available in the market, one usually finds himself stuck while choosing between two or more providers. Among some popular names in the online backup industry, there is MyPCBackup that has successfully paved its way to the leading backup service providers.

If you are eager to find out what benefits and features are offered by MyPCBackup, then just go on reading this post till the end. We have come up with a detailed review of MyPCBackup that will surely assist our readers in opting for the best online backup service provider.

Company Overview

MyPCBackup was founded back in 2011 as an online backup service provider targeting both the individuals and corporate world. It allows its users to create a safe backup of their photos, music, emails, videos, documents and more. The simple and easy usability is what makes it popular among its users.

Installation of the Software

The software installation for MyPCBackup is simple and swift. You just need to visit the website and sign-up for an account using email ID and password. It will take a few moments to download the software. Install the downloaded software that will take around 3 minutes.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to decide between automatic backing up of folders or manually selecting the folders for back up. The software is then installed and the initial backup process initiates itself.

Pricing Plan

MyPCBackup offers multiple pricing plans based on the size of storage required by the users. These plans are offered for monthly, semi-annually, 1 year and 2 year pricing plans. However the defined pricing plans are as follows:

  • Home 75GB plan – $4.49 per month for 2 years (total charge 107.71)
  • Premium 250GB plan – $4.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 118.85)
  • Unlimited Plan – $6.95 per month for 2 years (total charge 166.85)

mypcbackup Review

Files Back Up

MyPCBackup offers fast and automatic backing up of files. The very first backup initiates itself right after the installation of MyPCBackup. Later on, you can decide the files and folders for backing up.

Advanced Back up Options

MyPCBackup offers a rich set of options for backing up your files. These options make the backup process much simpler and easier. Let’s have a look at the options it offers. 

  • Advance Scheduling:

This option allows a user to predefine a time for the backup process to take place that would not affect your activities during the fixed time you use your computers. For example, you can schedule any time for backing up your files after your working hours if it’s your work computer.

Similarly, with the calendar feature you can schedule your back up to take place on a specific day or weekends. You can also pause the ongoing backup process if your work is being interrupted and resume it once you are done.

  • Selection:

MyPCBackup allows you to choose whether to automatically backup all the stored files or manually select particular files to be backed up. However, for backing up files exceeding 5GB, you are required to purchase certain add-ons. 

  • Bandwidth:

MyPCBackup comes with bandwidth throttle feature that proves to be really helpful. There are two ways to throttle your backup. You can either define a monthly upload limit or define a limitation on uploading or downloading rate by a fixed number of Kilobits per second. 

  • File Type:

There are certain file types that consume huge amount of disk space. This means backing up of these files will surely take a lot of time and you usually don’t prefer backing up those particular file types. MyPCBackup allows you to add those file type extensions to the list of limited file types which are then skipped while the backup process is carried out.

  • Security:

MyPCBackup lets you to transfer your data using HTTP or HTTPS. By default, it is set on HTTPS and it is recommended as well.

Restoring Files

MyPCBackup offers two modes for restoring your backed up files:

  • Using the Software

Launch the MyPCBackup software and click on the “Restore Files” button. This will take you to the restore files window. Through this window, you can navigate across your desired files and folders and get them restored by clicking “Restore”.

  • Using the website

Log on to the MyPCBackup website from where you can access to your backed up files. The restoration process through website is slower as you need to manually select each file that needs to be downloaded. You cannot download the entire folder at once.

MyPCBackup Features

  • Access through Multiple Means

You can access to your files backed up with MyPCBackup using multiple sources. Your data is in your access anytime and anywhere with the help of its remote features. MyPCBackup lets you make modifications and alterations in the stored files in the absence of an internet connection as well. The changes and modifications are synced to the computer once the connection is restored. You do not always need to have your computer with you to get an access to your data. Your smartphone or tablet can let you access the stored files, ensuring high level of data mobility. MyPCBackup is compatible with all kinds of smartphones including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and others.

mypcbackup Review

The only thing where the remote feature of MyPCBackup lacks is that you can neither share photo albums using MyPCBackup, nor you can set permissions for different users to view particular files.

  • Security

MyPCBackup offers a premium level security to all the data backed up with it. The data is stored to the encrypted servers that are highly secured, keeping your files safe and sound. When you create a backup of your data with MyPCBackup, all the files are stored in multiple locations that include MyPCBackup’s online servers, your online account and a folder on your computer.

  • Backup Space

MyPCBackup offers unlimited space to store your files and folders. This means that you can store your entire data to the MyPCBackup servers, irrespective of the file sizes and total volume. All kinds of file types are supported for backing up, leaving nothing behind in your computer at stake. You are free to save anything like pictures, movies, music, documents, etc. You can also back up your external drives and USB with MyPCBackup.

  • Ease of Use

MyPCBackup is extremely easy to use as it offers a simple and user-friendly user-interface. You just cannot get stuck anywhere at any point while backing up your data. Anyone can start using MyPCBackup with all ease and comfort and there is simply no need of having any prior technical knowledge to use this simple and amazing back up tool. Most of the users prefer MyPCBackup over other online backup tools due to the simple usability that it offers.

  • Help and Support

MyPCBackup offers email assistance to its users to get connected to their customer support representative. In case you face any problem or there is some query in your mind related to MyPCBackup, a support ticket system is provided for the purpose of communication. MyPCBackup does not offer online chat support but still, several assistance resources are available on their website.

Final Words

All in all, MyPCBackup appears to be the best solution for the security of your valuable data. The amazing features and various convenient characteristics make it the first choice of thousands of individuals and organizations all over the world. Your data is secure with this outstanding online backup tool, eradicating all your worries related to data loss.  In a nutshell, we can say that MyPCBackup has successfully emerged as one of the best online backup tools in the recent years.

mypcbackup Review