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This human era can be referred to as the digital age – with digitalization occurring at a rapid scale, whether individual or corporate, all are going digital. Data & information has become the key to success. But, with increasing digitalization, there is also a rapid boost witnessed in uncertainty and data security.

“It’s pitiful how few people protect their key data” Dave Simpson – a senior analyst from 451 Group. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”.

Online Computer Backup

While traditional techniques of protecting data over external hardware or in house server backups are in place, an increasingly admired solution for online computer backup is offered by the ‘Cloud’. Obviously, we do not need to be among the few people, Dave just mentioned.

Online Computer Backup – Top 10 Companies to Rely Upon !

Our experts on online computer backup have assembled a list of best online computer backup in the market on which you can trust to backup all your precious data onto the cloud. Let’s take a look at it.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 Carbonite $59.00/yr . ..... Provider Profile
3 SOS Online Backup $9.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 ZipCloud $4.95/mo . ..... Provider Profile
6 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
7 Mozy $5.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
8 SkyDrive $1.66/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 CrashPlan $2.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
10 SpiderOak $10.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile

What’s the need of Online Computer Backup?

Loads of critical information is fed into computers with every passing moment, but you never know your hard drive may crash the next second or some fire breaks in via short circuit, resulting in an irrecoverable loss of data.

However, if you are protected by an online computer backup service, you can always retrieve back your data securely held at multiple data centers on high-tech servers offering maximum uptime speed. The most amazing thing about it is that you do not have to pay for equipments and hardware but only for the space you get to store your data from the online computer backup service.

Scope of the Online Computer Backup

How long it has been since you used a camera with roll to capture an image? How long it’s been when you insert a cassette in the tape recorder to listen music?

Time has changed, and we have to maintain our speed with it. Our Smart Phones, ultra slim laptops, Hi-tech graphics computer has changed the world we live in.

No matter you consider the example of individual or corporate, data is continuously increasing as the time passes and most of it is vital to exceed & progress.

A suitable solution is required to store it as well as to protect it. Cloud platform has all the potential of most suitable options for online computer backup now & in the coming future.

Usability of Online Computer Backup

We have already discussed that the best online computer backup always keep you intact with your stored data, so that you can access & retrieve your valuable documents in case of catastrophe. Let’s assume that no such dysenteric dilemma happens, is there any other benefit for paying bucks for online computer backup? We would like to answer each one separately.

Cloud is a Cost-Effective Solution

Starting from payment portion – best online computer backups have exceptional payment module called ‘Pay-Per-Use’, which guarantee that you don’t need to pay a single penny for the space or service you have not used.

Furthermore, all hardware and hi-tech equipment used in the process of backup and storage will be provided by online computer backup provider, not from client side – hence you can save a lot from not purchasing on expensive servers & maintaining data centers.

Other Benefits apart from Backup

Forget about any disaster, theft & stealing of data – sure you can store you data in external hard drives and file servers, but you will need an expensive Management Information System to handle the digital data.

While online cloud storagewill provide you with applications to maintain & manage your uploaded data to assist your productivity. More benefits you can gain from online computer backup are:

  • It eliminates the requirement of bulk storage disc and other devices for storage
  • Quick backups are automatically done through synchronization
  • You can take your work home without mailing it to yourself or saving a copy on USB
  • Information stored on the cloud is retained for longer periods
  • No need to remove the items, just add more space if you require

At Last, What’s best for you?

We believe that few things are clear from this discussion like backup is mandatory so what not go for the secured solution with several other benefits.

Instead of investing on your own hardware why not just pay for what you used. So let’s transfer all your reservations regarding backup & protection to any best online computer backup provider and focus on the growth & expansion of your business.