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Do Solid State Drives (SSD) Really Cross Over Hard Disk Drives (HDD)?

While building up a computer or acquiring a decent hosting solution, deciding what option to choose for storage among SSD and HDD is the trickiest part. The fact is that both HDD and SDD have some great differentiators and their own limitations too. However, considering the wide spread acclamation of SSD, some might also be wondering what’s all the hype around it? And, what’s the best option to get?

Microsoft Azure in China – The Most Awaited Happening in the Region

FROM THE NEWS ROOM: Microsoft and 21Vianet have officially announced the launch of Azure in China on June 6th, following an announcement in November 2012 by the two companies that they were collaborating with the aim to bring Azure to China. Microsoft’s Windows Azure is the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) product.

10 Cloud Management Tools to Help Manage Your Server Efficiently

Cloud management refers to the activities related to the management of the cloud system with the help of remote servers on the internet. It offers various activities that include data access, software, computation and storage services management for which having knowledge of physical location of the system is not necessary.

Is ‘Licence-Free’ the Future of Main Stream Software?

The software industry of today has shown clear examples of the trending general public and the permissive Apache style licensing. These licensing schemes have raised the importance of developers. It’s not surprising that developers just want to get their work done without being held down by license requirements. Hence, we believe that such permissive licensing
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