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10 Superb Online Backup Softwares to Safeguard your Valuable Data

Once you are into IT, your life’s blood is your data and it’s the worst nightmare for us all when we lose any of important segments of that data due to hacks, data theft, crashes or fail-over. Although, time by time technological advancements let us harness credibility and ensure the safety of our data, however, these data storage and backup means were later found out to be even more vulnerable to calamities.

Asian Governments Aiming High for Cloud-Oriented Business World

FROM THE NEWS ROOM: According to the officials from major Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, it has been identified that the firms and organizations feel reluctant in adopting Cloud computing system due to the security concerns. The governments of these Asian countries are striving hard to promote the adoption of Cloud
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25 Best Cloud Computing Applications to Boost up your Business Productivity

Cloud computing, the neatest and the catchiest phrase of today, simply refers to limitless resources and applications that are highly available and accessible via internet-without being installed on your computer. With a variety of segments, each of which promises varied virtualized assets, Cloud computing allows individual users, SMBs and even Organizations to proficiently maneuver in IT.

Android Cloud Backup – A ‘Must-Have’ tool to Keep your Android Data Safe!

Online backup services have made our lives simpler and hassle free. The ever growing tension of losing the precious data had been one of the greatest fears for the tech-users. One simply can never afford to get his hands off from the data that has been gathered over the years or files and folders containing some crucial information related to personal or professional lives.

PaaS Turned out as a Game Changer in Computing Industry – Making Hosting Experience More Well-Off

Cloud computing, one of the charismatic advancements in technology has literally revolutionized our day to day IT processes. Without any doubt, its abstract definition can be rightly referred as Magic, which virtually enables everyone to attain scalable, reliable and on demand IT infrastructure and solutions as service stacks. Cloud computing with its plethora of features
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