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How IBM Is Planning To Take On The Cloud

Things have not been going great at IBM. Late last year, the company announced that their sales saw a drop for the sixth straight quarter. A primary reason for this slump is the dramatic shift in consumer behavior as IBM’s traditional clients are moving away from on-premise hardware infrastructure to cloud-based alternatives. The Armonk, NY
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Cloud Infographic: Cloud Computing and The Public Sector

Cloud Computing has been in the business world for quite some time now. Various organizations have migrated to cloud around the globe and have been performing successfully. Not only the private sector organizations, but also the public sector organizations have been considering shifting to the cloud in the recent times. Cloudreviews brings you a smart Infographic in this regard that depicts the status of the relationship between Cloud Computing and the Public Sector.

New Relic Vs AppDynamics – Choose The Best APM For Your Apps

Application Performance Management (APM) is considered as a critical and technical issue when it comes to managing a website or an application. For this purpose, many apps are available in the market being used all over the world. Among these, the two most famous apps are AppDynamics and New Relic. Cloudreviews brings to its readers an in-depth comparison between the two leading Application Performance Management apps.

Cloud Testing: The Next Generation

It brings end-to-end solution that transforms the way testing is carried out and help enterprises get an edge over their competitors with reduced cost of testing without having a negative effect on the mission-critical applications.By utilizing a cloud computing solution for testing, organizations easily reduce provisioning time as the cloud let provisioning of test servers on demand. This at the end helps organizations make sure that unused servers are not sitting idle.

Comindware – The Smart Tool For Business Process Management

Comindware Tracker is a contemporary high-tech cloud based process management solution for businesses. Comindware Tracker is an extremely active SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) which helps you in rationalizing your business procedures, including project management, automation of workflow, HRM (Human Resource Management), tracking of issues, management of office, collaboration of resources and modern management of communication. Comindware Tracker makes it easier for you to carry out your business tasks and makes the core functionality of the business an enjoyable and a lively experience.

WorkZone – The Oldest Project Management Software In The Industry

WorkZone is an online project management software which has made online collaborations extremely easy and convenient. This application has some really impressive features that are highly user friendly. In the year 2002, Rick Mosenkis founded WorkZone and today it is one of the oldest players in the project management software industry. This app provides tools
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pCloud Review – Find Out Why Your Precious Data Needs It

pCloud is the latest addition to the online storage and backup industry. As the name suggests, its based on the cloud technology that lets you save your precious data onto the cloud servers offering enhanced security and protection. With pCloud, you can never be worried about the security of your data as it minimizes the risk of losing by saving your data other than your physical hard drive.

Why You Should Choose Sharepoint 2013

If you have already used past versions of Microsoft’s SharePoint software at your workplace, then you definitely know the benefits that it has to offer first hand: enhanced cooperation, easier information and content management, better site organization, safeguarded computer data, and even more. SharePoint 2013 is the newest version of SharePoint that takes each of the features loved by most end users and expands them to better serve organizations and regular users. Listed here are a few of the Sharepoint 2013 new features that make the change worthwhile for companies of all sizes.

Host1Plus – A Perfect Match To Your Web And Cloud Hosting Needs

Host1Plus is a web hosting and a cloud solution provider that is being used in various countries all over the world. While providing all-rounder services for different protocols of web hosting, the quality of support provided by Host1Plus is remarkable and considered to be very efficient. The company actually aims to exceed clients’ expectations through providing excellent web hosting services while also gaining repute amongst the reviewers.