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Best Public Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud computing is no clandestine thing nowadays, companies make its best use in running their business in a virtual world and saving considerably on the infrastructure that would have cost them drearer otherwise. Abiding by definition, it refers to the delivery of cloud computing services instead of the delivery of computing products. Whatever entities you buy
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Private Cloud | Best Private Cloud Hosting Providers

The architecture of a private cloud is such that, which is designed for a particular organization to manage its internal operations smoothly. Hosting of these operations can either be done externally or internally depending upon personal choice. However, the managed cloud services of it are for a limited and restricted number of users who wish to
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How Cloud Computing Reduces Cost in Recession? Reveal Now!

Isn’t it amazing to hear for the first time! No more need to own physical property, build facilities, obtain consistent power, and develop communication – As cloud computing offers an agile, green solution to minimize expenses beyond your imagination. Ever since the evolution of cloud computing, the way businesses used to run their operations has
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Cloud Benefits to Newly Established Small Businesses

Ever since cloud emerged as the global upcoming technology it has tried hard to build a strong base amongst small and medium sized organizations as well. Why so..? Prime reason behind this methodology is the fact that SMEs are the ones that are usually on the verge of establishing and thus, have more scope to
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History of Cloud Computing – Part 2

Reasons for cloud emergence, its platforms on which the entire cloud is based upon and types of cloud computing models have already been discussed in the first part of the blog. Now, our main focus in this blog is to cover the reasons and facts highlighting the need of cloud in the expanding business environment
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History of Cloud Computing

How did the Concept of Cloud Computing Emerge? Lately, it was observed that the growing IT infrastructure and expanding business organizations faced troubles in dealing and commencing with their daily work operations due to limited resources and less professional IT work force. Although, for storing and securing data there were file servers & physical drive,
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What is Hot in Cloud Computing?

Being one of the most versatile technologies innovated till date, cloud computing and its managed services have brought about drastic changes to improvise and enhance the existing IT infrastructures. With the aim to deliver a highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective business solution, cloud computing methodology has become need of the hour to win the race
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Greetings..! This is our first blog post to announce that we are all set to launch In case you are wondering what the do. Below is the short intro to what we aim to achieve with this website, “ delivers edifying & revealing reviews and detailed listing of all the Cloud Providers in the industry. We not only enlist all
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