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Can Cloud Computing Save Money? – An Exclusive Interview with Ajit Melarkode of Rackspace [Video]

Cloud computing has experienced substantial growth in recent years with a goal to provide businesses, and individuals easy storage and accessibility of their data from everywhere, and at any time. Many technology experts and geeks have quoted cloud computing as the cost saver for many businesses, however, some people are a little bit concerned about
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Cloud Newbie ProfitBricks tries to Undercut Amazon on Price

Sharp price reductions in ProfitBrick’s cloud services have raised concerns from giant distributors such as Amazon. Industry analyst Michael Facemire sees the move as of high significance. He says that developers’ community is now much more inclined to ‘follow known working patterns’ rather than endorse brands. ProfitBrick, a smaller Infrastructure-as-a-Service company, has almost cut its
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Backend as a Service (BaaS) – Simplifying the Lives of App Developers

Backend as a Service or BaaS is an approach to offer a technique to mobile and web app developers enabling them to get their applications connected with backend cloud storage and processing. BaaS is provided to the mobile app developers by means of software development kits (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Different BaaS providers have emerged in the recent times to meet the demand for the development and deployment of apps along with complete management of apps life-cycle.

NASA Falls Short On Data Security In The Cloud Adoption

Since the time when NASA moved to cloud computing, there have been grave security concerns related to its confidential information stored in virtual spaces. A recent report by NASA’s Office of the Inspector General states that there is a dire need to strengthen the practices observed for the security of its information technology.

CloudSigma Cuts Computing Prices With The Improved Efficiency

CloudSigma, an international IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) has announced cuts in its computing prices for customers. These cuts are claimed to be the result of improved technological efficiency achieved from its recent public cloud 2.0 upgrade. This claim was put forward to clarify that this price cutting move is not by any means associated with Amazon’s constant price-slashing.

Cloud Battle Turns Furious – Amazon Files Suit Over CIA Cloud Contract

In our recent post, we informed our readers about Amazon Web Services winning the CIA cloud computing contract over IBM. The awarding of the contract and proposals evaluation process was challenged by IBM that was sustained in part by Government Accountability Office. Just when only two weeks are left for the deadline to expire, Amazon Web Services filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims seeking approval for the CIA contract to move forward that was awarded to AWS.

MyPCBackup – An In-depth Review of the Simplest Online Backup Solution

Among some popular names in the online backup industry, there is MyPCBackup that has successfully paved its way to the leading backup service providers. It allows its users to create a safe backup of their photos, music, emails, videos, documents and more. The simple and easy usability is what makes it popular among its users. We bring you a complete review of this amazing online backup tool.

Multiple Authentication Methods – Understanding Towards Secure System

In the modern business world, the need for disseminating information to varying levels of employment grows stronger every day. Individuals who fulfill special roles require sensitive information throughout the workday. Having a manager or senior official constantly provide verification and access bogs the system downs and reeks of inefficiency. That is where an authentication system
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Amazon Vs IBM – Cloud Computing Industry Faces Sturdy Competition

The e-commerce retail giant Amazon Inc. has been emerging as a strong contender in the thriving cloud computing business with now having America’s top spy agency in its clientele. Amazon Inc. beats out IBM this year by snagging a $600 million cloud computing contract with the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. AWS has shaken the entire computing industry with its surprising enormous growth.