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8 Joomla Performance Optimization Tips to Tune up your Website

Joomla is a renowned Content Management System (CSM) used by millions of users due to its brilliant functions and ease of usage. Thousands of extensions and plug-ins are available for the user’s facilitation. Despite its amazing features, many users complain about the slow Joomla performance and security issues that come across ofttimes.

Drupal Security Tips – 10 Ways to Ironclad Your Drupal Site

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems of today. Despite of having some iron hide security protocols, it has been seen at times that Drupallers are victimized by cyber crooks. Here, we have put together some of the quick tips with which you can enforce rigid protocols to your Drupal Security.

Oracle & Microsoft Teams Up to Bring 12c Database And Azure Together

Oracle is all set to move to the Cloud world and to announce partnerships with Microsoft, and NetSuite to strengthen its 12c database technology. Oracle’s 12c database technology is a pluggable in-memory database which is claimed to be used by the cloud companies for several coming years. NetSuite and are already major customers of Oracle.

SugarSync Summer Crunch – Enjoy 50% Off on All Upgrades

SugarSync offers an amazing 50% off on all existing SugarSync account upgrades irrespective of storage spaces. SugarSync is a renowned name in the online backup industry with millions of users all over the world. It allows you to create a backup of all your important and confidential files in a cloud space. This summer offer will expire on June 30, 2013..

The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best

DigitalOcean, a Cloud hosting startup has marked its name among one of the leading cloud hosting providers in the shortest span of time, i.e. 6 months. DigitalOcean offers SSD-backed virtual computers that are available on an hourly basis rates. The SSD-backed virtual computers offered by DigitalOcean are termed as “Droplets”.

Significance of Data Center Location – NSA Scandal Reveals Its Worth

Cloud Computing users are highly recommended to use a service provider whose data center is located in a region near you and not some distant place. The recent NSA scandal has also made many people realize this factor making it a hot topic these days. Data centers located at distant places are connected using submarine communication cables that often get damaged.

CenturyLink Buys AppFog to Ignite its Cloud Power

CenturyLink has purchased the renowned PaaS provider AppFog to boost up the services of its Savvis Cloud Suite. This acquisition will help Savvis to move beyond the infrastructure solution provider by adding AppFog’s private and public PaaS services to its portfolio. The terms of this deal have not been revealed yet.

CLOUD INFOGRAPHIC: The Emerging Trend Of Online Backup And Its Future

Online backup service stores and syncs all your valuable data in a virtual cloud space from where it can be retrieved anytime in an event of data loss from physical storage devices. Online Backup services are constantly gaining success as the trend of data digitization escalates. Find out the future of Online Backup with this Infographics.