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Cloud Storage vs Online Backup: Similarities & Differences

Introduction Although, the diverse and charismatic technology of Cloud computing fathers way many meritorious segments, but without doubt, the realm is majorly governed by Cloud Storage or online backup services. In terms of words, these two services may sound a lot same, certainly because backup simply means storing. However, in terms of offerings, features and
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Drupal Under Attack – Get Your Passwords Reset

Drupal is one of the leading CMS (Content Management System) Providers that offers an open and free system helping users to publish, organize and manage content on the websites. Drupal requires at least three-tiered data center that assures 99.982% availability.  Previously, we have discussed certain factors  in one of our blog posts that a potential Drupaller
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KT Corp. to Start Offering Cloud Computing Services in Japan

South Korean telecom company, KT Corp. announced today the launch of a cloud computing service this week in Japan. SoftBank Telecom Corp will sell the cloud computing service “Cloud K” on behalf of KT Corp. KT anticipates that the international market for cloud computing services will likely to cross US$461 billion by the year 2015.

10 Drupal Performance Optimization Tips to Improve your Web Experience

Fast websites win over slower ones. Not only do web users agree to this, but Google, the behemoth as it is in providing you visibility, also ranks your website according to its speed. Hence, the faster your website is, greater will be the user experience and higher will be the search engine rankings. Our this post is targeted to provide readers with the tips to enhance their Drupal site performance to a great extent.

Australian Government Reveals National Strategy for Cloud Computing

The government of Australia has defined new set of rules today for the government agencies to start migrating official websites into the public cloud.The policy document covers three major strategies: to maximize the cloud computing importance in the government; to support and encourage the cloud sector and to promote cloud computing among small businesses, non-profit firms and consumers.

SkyDrive for Students – Microsoft Brings Free 3GB Extra Storage for 1 Year

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Here we got some good news for the students. Microsoft brings you an additional 3GB space on SkyDrive for one year. And surely that’s absolutely FREE. This means that now you can enjoy up to 10GB free storage space on your SkyDrive account. We can find several cloud storage service providers available in the market offering a limited amount of free storage in the initial phase.

SOS Launches Centrally Managed Distribution Program

We are thrilled to share this news with our readers that SOS Online Backup which is powered by Infrascale has now expanded its partner programs and added more features. The official press release that was recently published by Infrascale clearly displays how the expansion in partner program is going to help managed service providers. This
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