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pCloud is the latest addition to the online storage and backup industry. As the name suggests, its based on the cloud technology that lets you save your precious data onto the cloud servers offering enhanced security and protection. With pCloud, you can never be worried about the security of your data as it minimizes the risk of losing by saving your data other than your physical hard drive.

pCloud review

For the interest of our readers, we are presenting a detailed review of pCloud that will highlight its features and the level of services it offers.

Enriched Features of pCloud

We have listed down some of the amazing features offered by pCloud:

  • No Speed Limit

A pCloud account will resolve all your speed limit issues like never before. Just creating an account will enable you to share all the content you ever wanted to share; that too with the maximum speed that your Internet service provider can allow.

Thus, sharing personal pictures, videos and documents have never been this simpler and quicker. The efficiency is rapid, allowing you to keep abreast with what other share with you while instantly making a “world” of your own.

  • Real Time Changes on Any Device

pCloud offers the unique opportunity to notify any changes that a user will make to his or her pCloud account. It also enables an instant access to any document that you want to access in real-time. Thus, you can access the changes that you made on an instantaneous level on all devices; be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone. All the devices give perfect synch to each other; thus, enabling the user to remain updated to any change that is made to his documents on pCloud

  • No Size Limit

Uploading huge amounts of data is no longer a concern. The user, with the help of pCloud space can share bigger amounts of data completely being unaware of any space limits as much as the computer storage allows. The user no longer has to worry about the struggles to upload huge data and information while remaining uncertain about its efficient uploading.

  • Upload Links

The feature to upload links is unparalleled in the sense that uploading bulky documents is no longer an issue. pCloud offers the unique capability where you can receive or share bulky documents with just one share location link with which you can easily share your documents in no time. There is no need left to split documents in multiple emails; rather, a single link will do it all for you!

  • Easy and Simple Sharing

With the help of pCloud, sharing files and receiving them from others have been more than just fun-filled. It allows the user to share files instantly, while controlling which files others can see, alter or delete amongst the ones you share. File sharing and accessibility is now possible by just one click, making it easy for wider reach and access instantly.

  • Never Run Out Of Space

pCloud provides an additional 10 GB of free space that provides unlimited storage to keep your files; thus, enabling you to free up extra space occupied on your computers.

  • Safe and Secure

Offering latest data protection and online privacy, pCloud makes sure that users’ data is safe and secure from any potential threat. The users can share their information freely and openly, while being sure that no potential loss or hacking will ever occur!

  • Offline Access

pCloud offers offline access wherein users can access their documents using personal storage space even in an offline mode. They may mark their documents as “favorites” once they upload it, be it online or offline.

  • Simple to Use

The software is very user-friendly and simplified for the easiest access and convenient upload. Simply creating an account will unleash the potential benefits that pCloud offers to you, while using it for a variety of purposes.

pCloud Pricing

pcloud pricing

OS compatibility

Many cloud storage companies do not offer compatibility with operating systems other than Windows. But that’s not the case with pCloud. Support and compatibility with multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux is something extra ordinary that pCloud offers to its valued customers.

Mobile Apps Compatibility

pCloud makes the mobility feature more effective and convenient by launching its mobile apps. At present, pCloud app can be found on Apple and Android stores. However, pCloud is keen to offer its app on Windows and Blackberry stores as well to serve a larger number of users.

Final Words

After using the services of pCloud, we can say that that pCloud is one of the best cloud storage and backup service provider in the existing market. With its amazing features and some reasonable pricing plans, one can easily rely on pCloud when it comes to data privacy and protection. The high level of convenience and a friendly customer support, the customer base of pCloud is growing at a rapid pace. If you want a free trial, click the button below.

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