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Personal Cloud Storage

It feels like a century ago when we used magnetic disks, hard drives, CDs and USBs to store our precious data. They were surely the dark days in the history of information technology as these liabilities were always holding our entire IT processes by a single thread.

We were always concerned about the impeding horror that if once these drives would crash, we would lose everything. Our precious documents and files, favorite movies, most cherished snaps and even backups would be gone if our computers crash, CDs break, and USBs get dropped somewhere.

Thanks to the modernized technology of personal cloud storage device – we have found out the new meaning of portability, portability that is always safe, never forgotten, missed or dropped and most importantly never malfunctions. This portability is also accessible from anywhere and yes! we don’t even have to carry some kind of nodes in our pockets or attached to our key chains.

Thanks to the revolutionized personal Cloud storage, we finally have got what we always wanted, a repository that is theoretically gigantic in size but virtual. Personal Cloud Storage can store in itself whatever we want, to be accessed from where ever we want.

How Personal Cloud Storage Works?

Best Personal Cloud StoragePersonal Cloud Storage allows us to store nearly gazillion bytes of data into the fool proof Cloud storage servers. We can now be worry less by storing our confidential documents such as financial records, codes and what not on personal cloud storage, without being concerned about their security.

Personal Cloud storage also comes with a fruitful synchronization feature; no matter how many computers you have, your personal Cloud storage will automatically sync your files on all of them via an easy to use client. Not only this, personal Cloud storage also allows you to share your files with your colleagues, friends and family and rapidly track any editing or revisions performed on all those files in real time.

Best Personal Cloud Storage Providers – The Top 10 List

Top 10 Personal Cloud Storage ProvidersAnd to top it all, personal Cloud storage is affordable and highly cost-effective, some personal Cloud storage providers even allot a great chunk of their Cloud storage space to users for free.

In this regard, we have in our traditional TOP Ten style; put together a list of some best personal Cloud storage providers for our readers. So read on below, compare each of them and see our rating too, to decide which one is going to be your favorite personal Cloud storage provider.


Personal Cloud Storage – Who Wants It & Why?

Personal Cloud storage is not biased in usage. It is not like only tech savvy or IT professional should be using it, but Personal Cloud Storage is for everyone and any one can use it. Whether students, home users, and freelancers in short, all end users can now use cheap, reliable and best personal cloud storage alternative of storing and synchronizing files.

Personal Cloud Storage has great many benefits. It can dramatically reduce the security concerns of individuals regarding their data. With personal Cloud storage they can stay calm knowing that their data is safe and secure into the well kept Cloud environment. Apart from this personal Cloud storage only requires internet for accessibility which we believe is a no-brainer as users can quickly connect to the internet from anywhere.

Previously, the hassle that companies used to incur in managing their servers, computers and data centers as well as in transitioning data from one location to another is also reduced with the help of personal cloud storage. Now users can add and share new individuals on the Cloud storage space, allow secondary authorized accesses or simply synchronize their Clouds with all the locations they have their devices in.

Features of Personal Cloud Storage

Features of Personal Cloud Storage

By now you would have known how well attributed personal Cloud storage is, however, on a broader perspective here are some more features and benefits, incorporating a personal Cloud storage into you work cultures provides.

  • Personal Cloud storage has some note worthy and exceptional features that totally ease up the feel of this sophisticated Cloud architecture. Users on personal cloud storage get to have imperative features of file versioning, scheduled backups, data protection, efficient disaster recovery, Drag and Drop support, file synchronization and what not. All of these features offered by best personal cloud storage providers sum up to drive proficiency in our day to day IT operations.

  • Your personal Cloud storage is equipped with some robust security protocols such as firewalls, VPNs and end to end military grade encryption tactics that form an iron hide around your Cloud infrastructure (your data) and keeps cyber crooks away, so far that they can’t even have a peek on to what’s going on. Still to outmaneuver any crisis, your personal Cloud storage also involves consistent data backups that guarantee quick data recovery.

  • This is one of the main features why personal Cloud storage has generated so much popularity and success. It is because they are compatible with all legacy applications and devices. Whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet that you use-not to mention their respective operating systems, your personal Cloud storage is compatible with each of them, so that you can flutter into the dominion of Cloud from all the portals.

Over to You – Isn’t it the Right Time?

That’s it! Here it is our take on the beneficial Personal Cloud Storage. Now that you have got the info you needed, their features and especially a list of some Top Players in the personal Cloud storage industry, its time you choose your favorite personal Cloud storage provider and enjoy the feature rich Cloud environment.