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Pogoplug Cloud Storage

Pogoplug, the cloud storage service for storing any file or document, and to share it with friends & teams – announced one of the most cost effective unlimited cloud storage services for just $39 per annum. The great thing about Pogoplug cloud storage is no restrictions on file size and no limitation on download & upload files. It ensures infinite space of seamless virtual storage.

Previously, the yearly unlimited storage by Pogoplug was offered for around $60, which comes to around $4.95 per month. However, a prepaid package was available for $49.95 per year. Pogoplug’s latest offering is appealing – enjoy unlimited storage space and backup recovery service for $39 per annum with no restriction on file size. But, remember, this offer is not forever. Next year, you will have to pay $49.95 for the same plan.

The invaluable streaming and sharing is available with easy to use option, just upload movies or music albums directly to your remote device if you do not wish to utilize your local storage space – enjoy uninterrupted streaming from your Pogoplug drive.

With so many benefits and advantages at such feasible rates, Pogoplug is an obvious choice for online storage. And, with its intuitive apps, users can easily upload music, photos and other files in much the same way they do on their mobile devices and computers. Once the files are uploaded, it can be accessed from anywhere and available for backup.

Pogoplug’s exclusive deal is much appealing – gaining access to unlimited storage space without any file size restriction at $39 per year is worth trying.

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