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REPORT: EU Companies warned by Privacy Expert not to use US cloud services (Data Centers)

The former Chief Privacy Advisor of Microsoft Europe raised points involving US legislation. These discoveries are recently presented to European Parliament in fighting cyber crime and protecting privacy report.

Leading privacy expert Casper Bowden highlighted how the intelligence act known as FISAAA authorizes US agencies to snoop into foreign data stored over cloud. The foreign intelligence surveillance act amendment act (FISAAA) has explicitly allows pure political surveillance of foreign data.

Mr. Bowden says “Anyone who, for example, belongs to a campaign group which may oppose some aspect of US foreign policy, whether it be the Iraq war or climate change”.

Wire-Tapping of the CloudThis point was raised at a panel discussion hosted at Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference held at Brussels. FISAAA was drafted in 2008 and recently updated until 2017; he said “What’s amazing is that nobody really spotted it for four years”.

He also added that “When FISAAA was extended to cover cloud computing, encrypting data to and from the cloud becomes irrelevant so it is surprising that nobody noticed this”.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act 2008 (FISAAA) permits U.S. intelligence agencies to access data owned by non-U.S. citizens on cloud storage hosed by U.S. companies, if their activity is deemed to affect U.S. foreign policy.

This act made it clear that even cloud is not safe for unethical or terrorism leading activities. However, if you are not involved in any immoral acts, “Cloud is still the safest place for residing your digital data“.

If you notice the optimistic vision of this act, it helps cloud based storage even safer place as no corrupt, unethical, offensive or terrorism-related data cannot dwell upon it.

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