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As cloud computing have been one of the most diversified fields in the upcoming information technology market, organizations have been more keen on acquiring cloud market. Amongst three platforms of cloud including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud models, run for public cloud models is on the verge of expansion. But, what are the things that make public cloud platform a big challenge to face? Let us ponder upon some points.

Challenges in terms of security concerns has always been a matter of discussion in case of Public Cloud computing model. In the last few years, ever since the concept of cloud computing came up and became one of the most promising technologies, businesses rushed for its public cloud model for reducing their overall cost of operations and raising the scalability levels to a great percentage.

On that note, large number of businesses started migrating their in-house data on the public cloud model regardless of the fact where their data is being stored or migrated. This is where the problem arises. Besides, the uniqueness about public cloud model as being highly flexible and available platform, questions on its reliability and security are still unanswered.

Prime Concerning Factors that Public Cloud Environment Poses

Security Concerns like what forms of monitoring systems or tools are deployed in the public cloud environment, whether there is no threat of third parties accessing any kind of confidential credentials from the public cloud storage and whether time audits are being performed to avoid any kind of fallacy etc so on and so forth. These are some of the really important things that if not brought into consideration can pose real threat to the integrity of any organization relied upon public cloud architecture.

Nevertheless, yet another risk of deploying a public cloud architecture is the fact that it is usually based on the shared infrastructure, which means as long as sharing and accessing of data and information continues and that too without any monitoring tools and 24/7 hour surveillance companies can fall into financial crisis. Regardless of all the factors, implementation of public cloud computing should be done keeping following things in mind.

What organizations should Look into Before Deploying Public Cloud Model?

  • Analysing the Business Requirements

Foremost thing that should be done before incorporating a public cloud model is the fact that higher managements of all organizations wishing to deploy public cloud model should be analyze and discuss properly on the weak aspects of their companies so that they don’t face any kind of hassle in the future.

1- Planning is Required at Every Step

Why analysing is important is because businesses would be able to judge their cloud requirements in a better way. Extensive planning is must before investing in the flexible technology like cloud computing. To make the planning process worthy enough, to the point discussions should be the prime concern.

2- Hiring Cloud Professionals will be an Added Advantage

Apart from all these things, employing a professional work force that could take care of all the important steps from migration of the existing data center to the cloud server is important till the monitoring process.

  • Customization of Public Cloud Architecture

Second most important thing that organizations should look forward whether the existing cloud model they plan to invest in be customized as per their business requirements. This is an extremely important step as doing so would be able to understand the existing work load of your organization, which in other words would be able to share and access things accordingly.

  • Safeguard your Public Cloud Infrastructure

Final step is, after organizations have deployed their ongoing project or process to the public cloud network, strong security measures should be implemented. A single mistake can make an organization suffer huge monetary losses as well as reputation loss. Thus, compromising on incorporating proper monitoring tools can lead organizations into disaster.

Bottom Line

Public cloud models are likely to pose security threats if not deployed properly. Therefore, understanding personal business requirements is one thing but incorporating advanced and enhanced monitoring tools along with professional work force can play the trick to win the game of cloud computing and become cloud market leaders.