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Following its trend of frequent updates and improvements, Rackspace has again come up with another advancement that can rejoice it’s over 1 million customers & its future prospects. Yes, Rackspace brings automated application deployment service for all its users. This means that launching all important apps are much easier now on Rackspace through its Automated App Deployment Service.

Applications are proved to be critical for business success and more importantly applications take business to new levels of success by offering much more convenience in different organizational operations. With this recent announcement by Rackspace, launching all common apps has become much easier than before.

All users of Rackspace can avail this service right away. Users can now easily run Rackspace cloud on top CMS, e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others without manual process and installations. To get all these ease, users are only required to avail automated application deployment functionality through the Rackspace Cloud Control panel.

What are Some Key benefits for users!! (Hint: the answers)

  • No more reaching out towards installation process. Rackspace makes it easy to consume format.
  • Keep your time saved by avoiding manual server building as Rackspace automated app deployment service does all this for you and provides you an excellent user experience.
  • Softwares are now properly installed on your system without any further hassle. So users can spend more of their time in innovations rather installing different softwares.
  • All automated applications deployed on Rackspace Infrastructure assures proper functionality and performance.
  • Easy Setup, Simple usage as everything is automated.


Rackspace – Growing its pool of Various Apps

Rackspace has been working on providing a better user experience since its inception. Users can now easily launch any CMS like WordPress, or any e-commerce platform like Magento, as Rackspace does quick setup for you.

Rackspace ensures a great user experience while developing best pool of applications for its users. You just relax and everything will be done with the best possible interest of yours.

Easy to Install – Rackspace with better User Interface

This new update is easily visible on Rackspace Control Panel under the Deployment tab. It takes only a few steps to let a user choose apps, softwares that he needs to install from growing apps list.

Afterwards, it only requires to follow few quick configuration steps and then Rackspace deploys it automatically. So, you just have to own a domain and a cloud account from Rackspace to get the best user experience.

In case you wish to avoid these simple configuration steps, just trust on reliable default configurations that are pre populated for user feasibility. Users get more from their business by pursuing Rackspace recommended installation methods.

So, by having this new amazing application deployment service, users can easily save their precious time by receiving benefits from Rackspace best practices and get optimal performance and fantastic user experience to grow your business with Rackspace.

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