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Ideas serve as the basic foundation for building a productive business; ideas drive you and your business strategies – but before deployment, you need to analyze every related aspect and especially need a platform that can bring life to your idea.

Whether you are planning to establish a multi dimensional e-commerce website or require computing or storage services to assist your business, Rackspace Cloud is the one you could rely on.

What is Rackspace Cloud?

Rackspace is one service leader in cloud computing market, with their powerful data centers and fanatical customer support Rackspace Cloud is highly acknowledged worldwide.

They provide enterprise level Cloud computing services to all kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size across the globe. Rackspace is one of the oldest players on this market, established in 1998, and presently serving over 200,000 clients worldwide.

Rackspace offers a complete suite of computing to power your business theme including cloud hosting, managed cloud hosting, cloud storage, email and applications services – supported by around 4,500 customer representatives, they call Rackers to assist their valuable customers.

Rackspace Cloud Server

Why should you go for Rackspace Cloud Server?

Rackspace Cloud is based on ‘Open Standards’ that is why they call it OpenStack Cloud. Rackspace OpenStack fits all as it offers a full suite of computing, storage and networking services to cater all business industries.

– Elastic in Nature

Rackspace cloud is scalable and is designed over a powerful infrastructure which optimizes load balancing even during the heaviest of traffic spikes.

You do not require purchasing expensive cloud servers or equipment, just pay for what you used. Rackspace Cloud can be scaled up and down with respect to your will and requirement.

– Save bucks with OpenStack

Rackspace Cloud is highly cost efficient, start saving your principal from the initial step – sign up for free on Rackspace and pay as you grow. Billing is effortless and feasible; it is based on hourly usage of server instances and outgoing bandwidth per gigabyte employed.

It is much more affordable than purchasing and maintaining your own hardware gear. Rackspace cloud delivers the flexibility to grow business and improve overall productivity.

– Backup Recovery at your call

Rackspace OpenStack never leaves you on your own. Their robust back up services are always providing you with complete peace of mind by protecting your data to be retrieved anytime you need.

Redundant clones of digital data are stored on different data centers, which ensures seamless data availability whenever required.

– The OpenStack Advantage

Rackspace Cloud ServersOpen standards based Rackspace Cloud gives you freedom to select preferred proprietary technology, choose and deploy operating system and cloud service according to your will and requirements.

The OpenStack platform allows you to incorporate databases, storage space, monitoring utilities, load balancers and DNS instantly as a service layer – no more complex, manual configuration issues.

Every instance is now automated. These services run and execute alongside rather than your server, allowing you to utilize maximum server performance in utilizing the services that are not executing them.

How Rackspace Cloud works?

  • Begin with selecting the appropriate size for your Cloud Server, with respect to required physical memory for your instance. Rackspace Cloud offers 256 MB to 30 GB of physical memory.
  • Rackspace Cloud provides a comprehensive list of all known operating system, including 64-bit Linux OS (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, Red Hat) – Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 database can be opted to as your Windows image.
  • Rackspace OpenStack Cloud server also allocates a dedicated control panel along with API support. Rackspace offers provision to manage Cloud server via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.
  • Always keep complete control of your Cloud server in your hand – you can remove it or change it as per requirement.
  • Rackspace also gives complete root access to your Cloud Server.

Is there any Benefits you can get with Rackspace Cloud Server?

Definitely YES! Let’s check what other benefits can be acheived from Rackspace Cloud server.

– Built Application the way you like

Rackspace Cloud servers are flexible, especially beneficial to developers allowing them to built application over a persistent and on-demand cloud platform. Cloud servers have provision for all, whether you are hosting traditional applications or dynamic cloud applications.

– New Set of Powerful API

Newly designed OpenStack API version 2.0 is developed to respond quickly to your queries; it also saves precious time by automating common task of listing, adding, deletions, and resizing server.

– Intuitive Control Panel

The simple and easy to use control panel is designed to boost processing speed – it not just works faster but provides a user friendly interface for easy attachment of tags, filter items and search functionality for  efficient management of larger cloud deployments.

– Secluded Cloud Networks

Rackspace Cloud integrated defined network to improve security level of associated networks, enabling users to create entirely isolated networks – it will support your cloud servers via this isolated and new networking architecture.

– Always there for you

What makes Rackspace Cloud so popular among businesses..? Their fanatic customer support service. More than 197,000 businesses count on their response, expertise and assistance, so can you.

Selecting Rackspace Cloud server ensures round the clock support all around the year. Their skilled technical staff helps you in managing cloud hosting while planning, deployment and executing operations on application and website.

Give a try to Rackspace Cloud Server – Now!

The next generation cloud computing services by Rackspace Cloud is offering so much at feasible hourly rates enabling you to pay as you grow. Subscribe now on Rackspace Cloud for free and evaluate its robust performance with free trial offer.

Rackspace Cloud Server