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Rackspace cloud storage

The leading Open Cloud Provider, Rackspace has reduced its prices on network bandwidth and content storage services to gain an obvious lead from other leading competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Windows Azure Services.

Rackspace lowers 33% of overall pricing on provided bandwidth and content centric application. The price reduction on Rackspace Cloud network (bandwidth) for moving data & content on and from virtual space will further intensify the competition between the cloud computing giants.

Amazon was the one to develop the first feasible public cloud with a neck to reduce prices on computing and storage services with the passage of time, making it difficult for rivals to gain market share.

But after this major price cut by Rackspace on Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cloud network, consumers can enjoy the lowest prices of all the time.

New Pricing Structure of Rackspace

Storage US Cost $ (GB per Month) UK Cost £ (GB per Month)
Initial 1 TB $ 0.100 £ 0.070
Next 49 TB $ 0.090 £ 0.065
Next 150 TB $ 0.085 £ 0.060
Next 300 TB $ 0.800 £ 0.055
Next 524 TB $ 0.075 £ 0.052
Over 1024 TB Customize Pricing Contact Rackspace Customize Pricing Contact Rackspace

Content delivery network (CDN) is used to distribute content over internet servers across the globe, by Enterprises. Rackspace is introducing automated tiered pricing structure; it will be implemented on Open Cloud portfolio.

Reduces price changes will take place in few weeks probably effective from 1st of March, 2013. The cost reduction is applied to overall cloud portfolio of Rackspace including Cloud Files, Cloud Servers and Load Balancers – prices are being cut by 18 cents to 12 cents per gigabyte.

New CDN prices starting from $ 0.18 to $ 0.12 per GB in United States, while £ 0.12 to 0.08 per GB in United Kingdom. Three major contender of CDN race are Rackspace CDN, Amazon CloudFront and Microsoft Windows Azure CDN.

Rackspace hosting services are rapidly transforming itself into Public Cloud environment from dedicated hosting provider, with assistance of its KVM Hypervisor and OpenStack controller – while Amazon operates in-house cloud controller over its closed source with variant Xen Hypervisor. Rackspace is moving towards Open Project designed of hardware resources with open source APIs.

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