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Your businesses might be in dire need for a competitive Site-to-Site VPN solution. Wondering why? Well, there is nothing to be so surprised about, as availing VPN or Virtual Private Network services will only improve and strengthen the security of your IP address. However, when we talk about business VPN, we probably mean to cater to the security requirements of establishing as well as established businesses. All the remote users can now secure their IPs or Internet connections through WANs.

However, the prime role of setting a VPN is to safeguard your identity from the third parties. Now, when we give virtual private network services to a source that doesn’t have the access to enter a particular website or network, with VPN it would be able to do so. How? Let us understand it thoroughly.

Example: Suppose, you have to set up a site-site VPN solution for your network. The foremost thing that you should do is to hire a VPN service provider that has sound experience and knowledge about the field and can help you out to understand your VPN requirements.

VPN and Cloud are 2 Different Technologies, So Better Don’t Mix!  

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network is vital to prevent your data from the third parties as well as maintain the confidentiality of your network, employers and data etc among others, whereas;

Cloud Network

Cloud is a vast pool where data can be stored. The latter is a platform that gives users the liberty of accessing and sharing information in a virtual environment.

Now, although the two of them are entirely different from each other, availing them both can give organizations advantages in terms of several remote access solutions. Some of the advantages, which site-to-site VPN solutions offer its customers are:

  • Pre-configured office collaboration tools (Cloud collaboration tools)
  • Customized firewall environment
  • Improved bandwidth and connectivity
  • Flexibility and compatibility to work on varied operating systems

It’s basically; one can work in a virtual environment while also safeguarding its identity from the intruders. Virtual Private Network can also be one of the strengthening factors of global cloud security concerns.

What Cloud Providers has in Store for its Clients?

Cloud Providers site-to-site VPN services offer a wide variety of cloud foundation to the clients who wish to hid their identity on cloud. Users can work on cloud, have access to confidential files and share it with their business subordinates without worrying about security issues. With Cloud Providers integrated Site-to-Site VPN solutions they can think to do so.Services  offered by Cloud Vendors:


  • Provides static public IPs as per requirement. This means, the IP that is provided to you would be only dedicated to you and your business subordinate. There will be no extra party that gets the authority of sharing it with you. So, this way you can have the leverage of working independently without disclosing your privacy to others.
  • Collaboration tools like Feng ease out the communication part between a business entity and its partners or even clients residing across the globe.
  • Operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iPhone get compatible and flexible to work upon etc.

Business VPN appended with Cloud Model

After having discussion on VPN with respect to Cloud and other factors. Let us name some of the paramount leaders of the cloud computing market that delivers the Business VPN keeping in view the dire need of the customers. Below is the list of some foremost cloud providers viable for Business VPN.
  1. AWS
  2. Rackspace
  3. ElasticHosts
  4. Cloudways


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