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Ever since cloud emerged as the global upcoming technology it has tried hard to build a strong base amongst small and medium sized organizations as well.

Why so..? Prime reason behind this methodology is the fact that SMEs are the ones that are usually on the verge of establishing and thus, have more scope to grow and expand.

On the contrary big IT giants are already established and therefore, aiming for frequent expansion of such companies is difficult to achieve. So, the prime target of cloud model automatically becomes SMBs.

“Prime Concerns of SMBs to Mark their Place in the Business Market”

Cloud is around for quite a while now in the form of email account, but with addition of more services it became highly viable and affordable option especially for small business. Although, it would cost larger enterprises millions to setup or even update their technological infrastructure to attain a competitive advantage but small businesses cannot afford such commodious facilities due to limited resources.

Starting a New Business involves several Risks

Three things that are required to start a new business venture includes

small business cloud

  • Capital
  • Professional work force and
  • the caliber to drive both efficiently

Moreover, when the above mentioned factors are brought in sync with each other, an organization or the business venture is likely to gain profit and a vice-a-verse state can be experienced otherwise.

With all these things in mind, a business entity has to work upon loads of things like;

  • Building a strong infrastructure
  • Maintaining relationships with the clients and
  • Maintaining benchmark standards so they survive the extensive competition prevailing in the industry

In such a case, where everything needs to be start up from the scratch, how will it  be if a technology like cloud is deployed in its infrastructure so that things seems easy for such business enterprises.

Initial cost incurred on Hardware and Software applications

Every small and medium sized business enterprise runs with limited resources for which there are budget constraints.

small business cloud service

Foremost thing that gets affected is the cost of hardware and software applications on which their entire operations run. At times these applications cost businesses so much, that very less is left for business strategies and expansion plans.

Therefore, to overcome these problems a much flexible and efficient way has to be found out.

Managed cloud solutions promises businesses to cut down on costs associated with purchasing hardware and software applications. Are you confused about the fact that how could cloud reduce costs of purchasing expensive hardware and software?

Don’t get surprised as unique and flexible cloud environment allow businesses to work in a virtual environment. Virtual here means no hassle of installing or buying expensive hardware and software applications. There is one big cloud server that stores everything from data or ongoing processes and in return provides one a versatile environment to work. Cloud will not just provide you with latest equipment and unlimited storage but also maintenance is performed from their end.

 SMEs Work at “No Profit No Loss State” during the Initial Years of their Establishment

Yet another prime concern for small and medium scale enterprises is the fact that they work on no profit and no loss stature in the beginning years. As a matter of fact if they make any kind of loss, it can be really dangerous for their future expansion prospects.

But, with cloud architecture they can focus on other things despite just bothering about such factors that act as hurdles for their growth.

What Cloud has in Store for SMEs or SMBs within Cloud Business? Let’s find out

As cloud platform is modeled and constructed with a view to provide businesses of all kinds a boost in their work environment, SMEs are the first ones to experience real good benefits from it.

Extremely Cost-Effective

Cloud model promotes cost-effective environment, as every work done or operated is stored in the virtual environment. Virtual means one doesn’t have to worry about investing in expensive hardware and software applications. You are charged on ‘Pay per Use’ basis, no additional cost will incur on unutilized resources.


Flexibility is the second most important benefit that SMBs can experience. Cloud architecture comprise of three types of cloud models including Private cloud, Public cloud and Hybrid cloud. All the three are based on three platforms like IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Thus, businesses can avail any one of the managed cloud services depending on their cloud requirements.

Secured and Reliable

Security is the utmost concern of every business, whether running at a small scale or large. Minutest of the mistake related to securing the confidential assets of the firm can lead it to face huge monetary as well as reputation loss in the market.

Thus, safety and security of data is very important. Although, cloud environment is said to be the safest ways where businesses can enjoy an unlimited storage space in the highly secured environment, it can also likely to pose threat. How..? Let us find out.

At the time when internal server is migrated to the cloud server there are chances that the data gets stolen or is leaked by the third parties. So, in order to avoid such a mishap, businesses must pay attention to the confidentiality of their credentials so that the migration process can move on in the smoothest way possible. Also, most cloud computing companies have deployed military grade security including AES encryption along with SSL protection to mitigate risk.

Cloud Services for Small Business

Quick Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Plans

Deploying a proper data back up and disaster recovery plan is very essential so that even if the confidential data get lost, your data recovery plan helps to restore it back at the earliest.

Cloud computing provides the safest environment to accommodate your information & databases. It is designed to quickly recover and backup your valuable data. You can also select between the types of data backup and disaster recovery plan that is appropriate with your business environment.

Scaled-Up Environment

Additional software, larger storage, improved service – all are required when business grows. Prime purpose of the cloud is to boost the production levels of organizations to maximize profit with highly scalable features. You can add as much value as you desire to cloud, just purchase additional storage & services with your monthly computing plan.

Conclusive Line                            

Whether strengthening to the needs of SMEs or backing up the internal IT infra-structure of the big IT giants, cloud caters to the requirements of businesses from all walks of life. However, for SME’s there is much more in cloud than can be offered elsewhere.

  • Who don’t like to spend minimal at the initial phase..?
  • Who don’t like to be facilitated by the latest high tech equipments and unlimited storage which are previously affordable to large enterprises only..?
  • Who don’t want to utilize expensive software at nominal price..?
  • Who don’t want backup and quick recovery of their worthy data..?

If your answer is “No One” to the above questions, Cloud computing is the right solution for you – Go for it and witness productivity & growth.