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SugarSync Android App

When we talk about the realm of Cloud storage, the name SugarSync may come to many as an acronym to the phrase. SugarSync is a renowned Cloud Storage provider that through its reliable, cost-effective and highly functional offerings and features has a thriving community of hundreds and thousands of satisfied users.

In terms of competition too, SugarSync has well reserved its reputation and presence & provides users with a gigantic amount of storage space. Users with the robustly kept Cloud infrastructure of SugarSync have the ability to utilize the space as a repository to store there much cherished and essential files and folders.

SugarSync through its plethora of features increases the potency and efficiency of our work cultures. With SugarSync our tendencies towards on-promise servers, utilization of vulnerable storage drives, and hassles for data transitions are literally cut short. Moreover, SugarSync allows us to adapt to a more standardized environment which renders less expenditures and costly overheads.

SugarSync’s compatibility to various mediums and channels allows us to easily interact with all the devices we have, and safely ensure their synchronization and data transition to the clouds with a press of a button. Let’s further discuss about SugarSync Android  – its compatibility, enriched features to look on .

SugarSync for Android – The Level of Support to Most Versatile Open Source Platform

Android operating system is literally an advance operating system integrated into mainstream handheld computing devices such as smart phones and tablets. Because of its feature rich, interface, easy-to-use functionality and relishing graphics, Android OS has allured billions of users.

SugarSync which is compatible with nearly all operating systems deployed in various hand held computing devices, cashes on this opportunity as well and provides users with SugarSync Android app. The SugarSync Android app allows Android users to synchronize their SugarSync Cloud on their android integrated phone and tablets.

In this way SugarSync Android users are not only able to interact with their Cloud stored data, but also utilize the advance SugarSync Cloud storage as a secondary repository to store their files. SugarSync Android users residing on any plan and package can integrate their data onto the Cloud and also easily share the files and folders to their families and friends directly from their phones and tablets.

We believe that as SugarSync Android is compatible with the initial versions of Android OS (2.2.x), this will provide users with low internal memories to save more files, pictures, programs, and videos in to the Omnipresent Cloud storage of SugarSync. Apart from the tight security and service that Cloud storage is known for; let’s further discuss what Android users will get more when they use the smart SugarSync Android app.

Features of SugarSync Android App

With SugarSync Android app installed in your Android device, it’s like having the entire data of your computer within hands reach. Depending on what document editing software you use, the SugarSync Android synchronization lets users tally those revisions from their computer as well. Some of the greatest and the most beneficial features of SugarSync Android application are.

– Anywhere, Anytime Access: The SugarSync Android app provides users the ability to access their data such as spreadsheets, photos, presentations and videos residing on their cloud or synchronized on their computers, directly from their Android device.

– Automated Backups: The SugarSync Android app lets users automatically backup their data like videos and photos on to their Cloud. Smart synchronization also lets users access the backups directly from the synchronized devices.

– Easy Sharing: Just as in any other SugarSync applications, SugarSync Android app also allows users to publicly share their files and folders among their colleagues or to their social media presences.

– Sync All Revisions: If you make any changes into your Cloud stored files from your SugarSync Android app, all of those revisions or alterations are also saved in your Cloud and your locally synchronized devices.

– Edit Document From Your Favorite Apps: If you are having different editing softwares in your Android phone, SugarSync Android app allows you to choose any of them for editing a document, just as you open a document stored in your SugarSync Cloud.

– Extra Memory For Your Phone: SugarSync Android app acts as a secondary repository for your android phone.  Users have the ability to save any file into the Cloud or sync files and folders from their device memory into the Cloud.

– Fast streaming: SugarSync Android app allows users to stream their collection of media files such as musical records, videos, movies etc on their mobile phones.

– Search Whatever: SugarSync Android app allows users to search all the files or folders they have got stored in their Cloud and synchronized among multitude of devices. It’s like having data of multiple computers residing on a single android device.


We believe that if it’s an Android Compatible Cloud storage you want than SugarSync can be just the solution you are looking for.  Its high functionality and easy interface will allow you to make the most of your Cloud storage from your android device.

So wait no more and choose SugarSync Android Cloud storage for the extra chunk of memory you’ve been missing out. For more information on SugarSync’s pricing, please visit the profile below.  Read, determine, and download SugaSync Android app now!

SugarSync Android App