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SugarSync stands among the leading Cloud Storage and Online backup service providers, serving all from startup entrepreneurs to mega enterprises – No matter your company’s head count is ten or ten thousand; it simply suits all. If you are searching for the one of the best options in the market – SugarSync Business, is the one for you.

It provides cloud based backup support on both Windows and Mac platform, also allowing you to access your files from different mobile devices. It comes with the convenient client utility, light weighted syncing service that runs silently on background without imposing much load on the processing system.

SugarSync for Business

SugarSync for Business – Your Real Team Player

SugarSync improves the overall productivity through better collaboration by its scalable, secured and equally reliable cloud service. The powerful SugarSync business plan allows your team members to seamlessly access, sync and share business documents via any remote device over any desired platform, irrespective of their geographical location.

It enables your team to expand their work circles coupled with ease and convenience. SugarSync does not encapsulate your team to work & collaborate within a single folder nutshell – it allows you to sync whatever your team need and share whatever your team requires.

SugarSync business package incorporates every feature and option available in consumer plan. However, there are few additional features for proper management and improved collaboration of teams. Employee integration and engagement get easier with dashboard administration – all comes with SugarSync business plan.

SugarSync Business made Sharing and Team Collaboration easy 

Sharing a network drive would allow your team to perform task mutually, in a more efficient way. SugarSync knows the importance of the team as one option, that is why it incorporates proficient sharing and collaboration feature in the business plan to improve organizational productivity.SugarSync for Business

Shared network drive is a mandatory necessity of any organization – it is something a company can easily have but can you acquire it for lower rates with other adjoined features that look as it is designed precisely for your business. SugarSync provisions you to share folders with selected or all members through an hassle free process.

You can also add clients, and they will be in the loop by default – no more mail attachment issues or progress report delay. Security is always their priority; assign rights to different users as you desire and track activities on shared folder.

SugarSync adds Improved Dashboard for Administration & Enhanced Control

SugarSync for BusinesSugarSync provides businesses with an intuitive administrative dashboard that enables businesses to control & monitor the services.

Administer have been granted the privilege to create, and setup accounts, allocated storage limits, add and remove users, allocate user rights, along with other administrative functions.

Fanatical Customer Support Services

SugarSync for BusinessSugarSync is offering live telephonic support at no extra charges – real and helpful customer representing officers providing informative and technical support 24/7.

Users can raise queries or can ask for assistance via live chat, email service or directly on the toll-free number.

SugarSync Outlook Plug-in reduces your Work Load

In order to mitigate general problems with outlook, SugarSync plug-in for outlook have numerous features. Let’s see how it encounters these issues.

  • File size limitation is one of the most common issue user faces – emailing larger files creates hassle for users. SugarSync resolves this problem by sending file link rather than complete files. Recipients only needs to follow the link leading to the respective file, it can download or viewed by the recipient. This receiver doesn’t have to be a member of SugarSync.SugarSync Business
  • SugarSync user can easily send files from any synced system. Let suppose that you need to send a file from home computer to office desktop, you can do it from Outlook via Mac or Windows PC.
  • SugarSync user can also track the Outlook messages – how many files have been downloaded, it helps the user to know the status of their message.
  • Email messages that are sent early or by mistake can be disabled – it inhibits recipient to open the link until correction has been made.

More Ubiquitous Interface with SugarSync Business Plan

SugarSync has redefined the remote accessibility, allowing the users to edit and modify any document on secure personal web based interface. This interface is accessible from all browsers and mobile devices, altered files are automatically organized by SugarSync making them available on every synced device of the user.

SugerSync also allows files to be viewed and shared over mobile browsers without requiring any software. It supports all mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Android and Symbian.

Easy to use Magic Briefcase

This special folder is created at the time of SugarSync installation, called the Magic Briefcase. It enables the user, to automatically synchronize files across all system and remote devices.

Users are just required to drag and drop the desired files onto the magic briefcase. This option eliminates the requirement of installing client utility on every machine as this briefcase is accessible via web based interface.

Peace of mind with File Versioning

SugarSync BusinessSugarSync for business provides archiving facility for last 5 versions of every revised file. This feature allows team member to identify the changes made to certain file and also helps to retrieve the previous version if user accidentally delete or revised the file.

Send Large Sized Files with SugarSync Business

Sugars business account allows the user to send large size files from the computer and mobile devices. User can send files on the go – to single or multiple recipients with viable rights option of read-only and read-write. To enhance security, recipients have to enter a secret code provided by the user in order to access the file.

Sharing Folder Feature

SugarSync provides with a public sharing option. Posted links by the user can be shared publically or with selected recipients. Links can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instant messenger and etc.

User can share file of size up to 5GB, and it can be viewed and downloaded by unlimited people – no member requirement is imposed for viewing and downloading the publically shared files.

Security at its best

SugarSync Business ReviewSugarSync has taken security to a higher level; it uses SSL 3.3 encryption as Transport layer security. Digital data stored over Type II data center which is encrypted with cloud computing standard 128-bit AES. SugarSync stored data redundantly in SAS 70.

SugarSync enhance data protection can be judged by the fact that even employees at SugarSync cannot access user’s data. No one can access data without exclusive permission by user.

SugarSync Business Simple & Eye-Catching Pricing

What could simpler and more striking than SugarSync business offering, get unlimited cloud storage at $55 per month initially for 3 users. They are providing opportunity to save $110 by subscribing for yearly package – unlimited cloud storage just at $550 per year. SugarSync allows integrate additional users via easy process of just few clicks.

SugarSync Business

There are no hard coded package details, no hidden charges, and no complicated strings attached –pricing plan is just perfect for your business prospectus.

Why don’t you try it for free..!

Are you still deciding on SugarSync business plan? Why don’t you try it for free! SugarSync is offering 30 days of free trial – sign up now and get 5GB of storage space for free. Experience one the best cloud storage service from SugarSync, without spending a penny.