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The Cloud is getting more acclamation as organizations start moving their valuable data over cloud – the need of reliable storage has become critical for all, whether start-ups or big giants of the market.

SugarSync Business cloud storage

Within a short span, the online storage industry has grown majestically, and the reasons behind it are numerous. Whether the concerns are personal (home-based) or business (enterprises) – features like file sync, folder/file sharing, access to multiple devices, secured platform and easy collaboration with employees / colleagues makes this cloud-based technology different from several similar options available in the market.

In relation to enduring efforts by storage providers, to increased overall productivity and collaboration within the organizations – SugarSync lately announces its All-New Business Plans with updated & improved features embedded in it along with revised rates.

SugarSync not just lowered their prices in the category of business cloud storage (Plans), but also offering one of the most wanted cloud feature that is “Unlimited Storage”!

With back to back updates & additions in application of Android, iPhone, Windows 8 Apps, 2.0 Beta version along with lot more in the SugarSync existing network, this recent update is sure to be a big surprise for businesses of all size.

What does SugarSync Have in New Business Plans?

The plan is pretty simple & awe-inspiring. Companies can avail unlimited cloud storage to collaborate with their teams via seamless accessibility, sync and share files from anywhere and at any time with a starting base price $55.00 per month for the UNLIMITED STORAGE* (*Initial allocation of 1 TB).

But, if you choose to go with a yearly subscription, then the price will cut down to $550.00 per year, enabling you to save $110.00 on the annual subscription.

The initial package is primarily for 3 authenticate users. However, additional users can be enrolled with couple of clicks! You can add as many users you want to with an extra cost of $125 per person, per year.

What’s in there for the Existing SugarSync Customers?

The question springs regarding provisioned for existing customers on respective offer. Absolutely YES! SugarSync never lets their customers down whether new or existing. So, those loyal customers who want to try out this new & revised Business Plan can easily switch over to the new billing cycle at any time they desire.

Have an Opportunity, Go for It!

I think this is something extremely big with the beginning of 2013. Let’s roll the sleeves and plough ahead to try this new addition of SugarSync with revised rates. Get a Free Trial NOW and make a steady decision to give your business a new experience with highly flexible and secured cloud-based storage.

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