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SugarSync Vs Dropbox

The world of cloud storage is all encrusted with renowned service providers that make every attempt to prove their mettle and they are indeed victorious in their attempts to lure the customers.

While the list of cloud storage service providers is endless, the two foremost stalwarts, Dropbox and Sugarsync comprise of the lion’s share of customers in the entire cloud industry.

We also wonder as what is it that keeps on motivating these two companies to move ahead toward enhancing their already enriched customer base. But when it comes to comparing both these service providers neck to neck, the task is indeed a daunting one as both are equally capable to outperform each other.

Yet, we have managed to come out with the below mentioned comparison on certain parameters. Hope it entices your senses and proves to be genuine enough to opt for any of these services.

What to Select? SugarSync or Dropbox

Sugarsync and Dropbox are both designed as cloud syncing solutions and users who are seeking for storing their data safely and securely usually keep in mind these two platforms.

They have their own software or algorithms for storing the files in their respective servers and then distributing them to each connected devices.

Before selecting any cloud provider it is vital to understand the differences between the two platforms and the points discussed below will surely throw light on their various features and functions:

SugarSync Vs Dropbox – Hard Enough to Choose? Findout More

Comparing Sugarsync and Dropbox can be a difficult task as both the platforms have certain similarities and differences. But with latest features coming up with Sugarsync, you will obviously give it a second thought before selecting Dropbox as your cloud storage platform. Let’s start things with SugarSync, first.


SugarSync provides its users with this excellent facility of synchronization software in the form of file manager. The multitude of tasks, this file manager performs includes file sharing, current file status, and keeping track of transfer of files across multiple devices.

However, any such type of facility is missing in Dropbox. Among other features of Sugarsync, here are few of the most important ones:

  • Lets you chose the folders that you wish to sync.
  • Integrates the chosen data with third party online facilities such as Facebook
  • Possesses the ability to sync data with mobile devices
  • Extends support for file editing over the web
  • Secures your folder over the cloud with the help of password protection feature
  • Provides appreciable sharing model that protects the file from getting into wrong hands and makes sure to share it only with the right people
  • Acts as a central location online to back all your photos at a single place and integrate the same with Facebook
  • Available at much reduced cost as compared to Dropbox or other service providers in the industry.

Seeing all these positive points from Sugarsync, you might think that Dropbox is good for nothing but there is nothing like that. Dropbox is also highly capable of offering useful online data storage facilities to its customers with some of its features really scoring way ahead of its peers, specifically Sygarsync.

So let us not be partial anymore and check out the bounties at its end for which you might prefer its services more than anything else.


It is yet another remarkable file hosting service that allows the users to make the most of its client software, cloud storage and file synchronization facilities.

Dropbox has been in the fray since 2008 and till now, has carved out a suave niche for itself in the industry. It can be used with equal efficiency and ease on all the widely known operating systems for desktop/laptops or mobile devices, with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and Symbian to name a few.

Below are mentioned some of its many positive points that might entice you towards availing its services.

  • It is very easy to setup and use Dropbox at your end. All you need to do is to install the desired application, register with its website, login to your account and start syncing the files from your device to internet.
  • If you are looking forward to back all your files in a single folder, then Dropbox is perhaps the best of all
  • If the folder is moved to a different location by mistake over the cloud, you will instantly get the message regarding its shifting; you can deal the things accordingly
  • No wonder Sugarsync offers password protection facility, but Dropbox is one step ahead in assuring security. It utilizes the highly capable and strong AES-256 encryption standard and used the secure SSL connection before sending the data with some third party. Hence, in case an intruder is able to breach the SSL connection (which is next to impossible) of Dropbox, it will be hard for him to decrypt the files. This certainly gives the company a significant edge over Sugarsync.

Dropbox Vs SugarSync – Bottomline

On evaluating all these factors, I believe, it would now be much easier for you to select the best cloud storage service depending on the specific need that you run. Still if you are having problem in deciding the best one from among Sugarsync or Dropbox then the comparison shown on our CloudReview website would surely help you great guns.

Overall, our purpose is to make you aware of the best facilities in the cloud storage business and if you are able to benefit from our service even to a small extent, then we would consider us privileged.

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