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The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best

Cloud Computing technology is gaining an enormous popularity these daysand we can say that cloud is the future of IT. Businesses have realized the advantages they can have by using Cloud hosting in place of traditional hosting services that include managed and dedicated hosting. We can see a new entrant in the market every next day offering the Cloud hosting services but not every provider succeeds in making its name stand out among the rest.

Among these new entrants, DigitalOcean, a Cloud hosting startup has marked its name among one of the leading cloud hosting providers in the shortest span of time, i.e. 6 months. We will highlight what extra-ordinary achievements it has earned during this period in the latter paragraphs. But first, let’s have a brief introduction about DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean – History and Services

DigitalOcean was launched in early 2012 with two datacenter regions, Amsterdam and New York. In April 2013, it pulled in San Francisco as its third datacenter region. DigitalOcean offers SSD-backed virtual computers that are available on an hourly basis rates.

Many of our readers get confused while differentiating between Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). For their convenience, one of our previous post has explained the difference between the two, helping the users to decide which one to go for.

The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best


The SSD-backed virtual computers offered by DigitalOcean are termed as “Droplets”. The least expensive droplet offered by DigitalOcean costs you not more than a cent per hour. This price is three times lesser than the price ofcheapest option offered by Amazon Web Services.

According to DigitalOcean, it is capable of offering a new droplet in less than a minute (55 seconds) in one of its three datacenter regions: Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco.


The pricing plan offered by DigitalOcean reflects its customer-oriented strategy as it offers monthly and hourly plans. The monthly plan starts with $5 per month, whereas the hourly plan starts from $0.007 per hour. You can choose your plan as per your needs and requirements. Here is the detailed pricing structure offered by DigitalOcean.


DigitalOcean offers an extremely fast cloud technology allowing its users to manage their infrastructure in a more efficient manner. With its flexible API, high-performance SSD storage and the capability to choose the closest data center location, DigitalOcean has successfully made its name in the market in no time.

DigitalOcean offers an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel letting its users to manage all their virtual servers. A single click is all what it needs to build, rebuild, resize and take snapshots. It offers an experience that’s not designed aroundtechnology but user.

DigitalOcean provides all kind of solutions and information related to the offered products through its developer community. You can even ask questions and get immediate responses from the community experts.

DigitalOcean – Success Trend & Stats

By the end of December 2012, there were only 100+ web-facing (virtual) computers in the market offered by DigitalOcean. But this figure crossed a total of 7,000 in a period of just 6 months. DigitalOcean succeeded in earning the fourth largest growth in web-facing computers.

The only three providers that were ahead of DigitalOcean include Amazon, Alibaba and Hetzner. This more than 50-fold growth enjoyed by DigitalOcean led it to the 72nd position among the world’s largest hosting providers offering web-facing computers. Previously, in December 2012, DigitalOcean was ranked 549th and 102nd in May 2013.

The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best



Another amazing achievement by DigitalOcean was earned in May 2013 when it attained second largest growth of droplets or web-facing computers. There were only five hosting providers who achieved a growth of 1,000+ web-facing computers and DigitalOcean was one of them. All over the world, DigitalOcean managed to contribute a total of 10% growth, that itself is another achievement.

Websites Migrating to DigitalOcean

The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best


The past six months have also witnessed a huge shift of websites to DigitalOcean from some renowned competitors as shown in the above presented table. In last month only, there were around 1500 websites that migrated to DigitalOcean from Rackspace and 1,000 websites from Shore Network Tech (Linode).

DigitalOcean hosts some busiest websites as well that include the popular news aggregation website, NewsBlur. Similarly, numerous websites associated with Ruby on Rails project that were formerly hosted at Linode are now moved to DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean Current Offerings

DigitalOcean offers several template images allowing you to build a droplet of your own. These include five Linux distributions namely Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Debian and CentOS. Ubuntu is the most famous server banner.

The Rise Of DigitalOcean – Success At Its Best


Initially, DigitalOcean was unable to offer enough IP addresses to support small-sized droplets. Later, DigitalOcean announced in May 2013 that it will be now offering more IP addresses to support small-sized droplets in Europe. This allowed the development of 512MB and 1GB droplets.

DigitalOcean – What to Do in Future?

DigitalOcean has emerged as the fastest growing web-facing computer service provider in the market. In a short period of only 6 months, it has surpassed many notable providers by giving them a tough competition.

Now, DigitalOcean must bring forward some amazing new offerings along with high quality services that will help retain its massively growing success and popularity. To read more about DigitalOcean and its offering – do visit the profile page listed here on Cloudreviews to get more information. Stay Tuned!

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