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With the rapid development of technology and science, the role of information has become supremely important for every enterprise that thrives to use information effectively.

Considering the perspective of information storage that is combined with widely popular cloud technology, this blog post on cloud storage is worth to be checked out.

With enterprise storage growing at a fast pace, it is becoming difficult for businesses to cope up with the rising demand of data storage and it is here when enterprises require a dynamic, flexible framework that can keep up with the explosive data growth.

More and more corporate houses have shifted their bases to the cloud technology for multiple reasons – one of the significant one is file versioning.

What is File Versioning System?

File versioning can be described as a process that enables users to access their files as it appeared at any given point of time. The older copies of files are kept in different versions with respect to time and date of modification while the revised file is always a new copy every time it is changed. Previous versions of the file are kept on the storage account to be accessed & restored at anytime.

Do you Need Maximum File Versioning? Here is the List for YOU!

Nowadays, there are various cloud storage providers offering numerous features that are a part of their services to the businesses worldwide like scheduled backups, drag and drop options, file sharing and mobile device syncing. But there are few companies that offer file versioning.

For ease of users, we compiled some of the best cloud storage service providers allowing file versioning system.

Rank Provider Price Days Visit
1 DropBox $9.99/mo 30 visit provider visit rank
2 GoogleDrive $2.50/mo 30 visit provider visit rank
3 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo 7 visit provider visit rank
4 JustCloud $4.49/mo 7 visit provider visit rank
5 ZipCloud $4.95/mo 7 visit provider visit rank
6 SugarSync $4.99/mo 5 visit provider visit rank
7 Egynte $24.99/mo N/A visit provider visit rank
8 Carbonite $59.00/yr N/A visit provider visit rank
9 SOSOnlineBackup 5.33/mo N/A visit provider visit rank
10 Wuala $3.68/mo N/A visit provider visit rank

More on Cloud File Versioning System – Some Examples

After listing the best online cloud storage options, for file versioning to rely upon if erroneously you deleted your important documents. Let’s explain the versioning system, in detail, with an example.File Versioning with Cloud

Suppose you have finished writing a report and saved the file over cloud account but after few days you want some of the previous information you had changed.

With file versioning support, you can easily go to your cloud’s web interface and access older version of the file – you are provided with options to edit it again, copy data or restore the whole document back.

Files are saved in separate editions that mean, each stage of the file can be found according to its versions.

This invaluable function is very easy to understand – you do not have to worry about any accidental deletion or overwriting a proper file with a corrupt one.

Taking a backup of the work will be much easier and by adding this latest feature, cloud storage service providers enables users to retrieve, preserve, restore previous versions of the documents easily.

Be More Productive! Certain Advantages of Using Cloud Storage

Apart from file versioning, there is a handful of outstanding features attracting small business and large enterprises towards cloud platform.

  • Companies need to pay only for the storage that they actually use – Pay per Use Model.
  • The storage maintenance tasks like data replication, data backup, purchase of additional storage devices are managed by the provider, and this enables the organization to focus on their core business goals.
  • Cloud storage helps to move a virtual machine images between data centers and user accounts.
  • Cloud storage providers offer users with immediate access to the wide range of resources and applications that are hosted in the infrastructure of organizations via their web service interface.

The Invaluable Feature of Cloud – File Versioning

With overwhelming features like file versioning provision users to easily retrieve, restore and preserve all the documents based on their versions, it is becoming hard to keep hands off the cloud storage.