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IBM Mobile Cloud

FROM THE NEWS ROOM: Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS) has signed a collaborative agreement with IBM last week, with an aim to implement an end-to-end mobile solution using the cloud computing technology, particularly for VMS MobiFone subscribers. MobiFone is the name of the brand of VMS that offers mobile phone services to more than 40mn subscribers.

VMS is a state owned telecom company that was founded 20 years ago under Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications. VMS is the largest 3G service provider in the country having 5.5mn 3G subscribers. This deal will allow VMS to extend its services to new markets by enhancing productivity through improving its capabilities.

The new platform that will be launched as the result of this collaboration will enable the VMS to offer new value-added services that include promotional and advertising campaign, developing an efficient cloud ecosystem, and offering SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and Mobile Platform as a Service to its corporate clients and partners.

The deputy director of VMSII (subsidiary of VMS heading the cloud project with IBM), Nguyen Bao Long said,

.VMS is the first organisation in Vietnam to deploy an end-to-end mobile on the cloud infrastructure based on IBM technology, and VMSII is privileged to be selected to pioneer this solution..

VMS has developed a five-year IT development strategy and this agreement with IBM is the part of that framework. With this strategy, VMS plans to come up as the toughest and most trustworthy corresponding firm for the IT companies in Vietnam and other countries.

Nguyen Bao Long further said,

.This strategic investment will help us sustain our leading position in telecommunication services in Vietnam. We will leverage the new mobile cloud infrastructure to streamline management of employees’ personal devices, quickly deliver value-added services and promotions to our customers and improve customer satisfaction..

VMS will be changing its business processes by shifting its entire computing infrastructure to the cloud, along with incorporating backup and hardware infrastructure. This collaborative project will allow VMS to promote mobile environment not only within the firms, but for internal and management activities as well. VMS also has plans to connect its field personnel across the Southern Vietnam by developing mobile applications for this purpose.

The General Manager of IBM Vietnam, Jee Toon Tan said,

.These aggressive efforts have placed VMS in a much stronger position in the marketplace..

This joint venture will help to foster the cloud computing technology all over the Vietnam. Its success will push more and more firms to migrate their services to Cloud computing for better performance and higher returns.