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Our personal life is very much alin to our digital life where we keep on finding more bankable and trustworthy space to store our sensitive data. While in real life the storage space varies as per the size of the object, in the digital world, there is perhaps no limit to the data being produced, both online and offline. Naturally, huge amount of data needs considerable space to accommodate the former, which in turn lead to the inception of cloud storage; our topic of discussion in in this article. So let us find about it in detail

What is Cloud Storage?

It is a concept to store data online across a model of networks that sets you free from the obligation to digital data, whether small or large. Instead of using hard drives, compact disks (CDs) or DVDs to save your important files, it lets you store all the information on a remote database that is hosted by third party service providers.

How does it work?

Companies into the business of cloud storage sell or provide the users, the requisite space on lease. Users can then leverage the allotted space to store their own files, data objects and more,  accordingly. For this, these firms make use of large data centers that are connected through multiple servers just to make sure that the data does not get destroyed in case any of the servers fail to work.

Each data center is controlled by respective operators in the background that assign resources from the available space as per the specific requirements of the customers.

What is Cloud Storage


Cloud storage comprises of varied distributed resources, all of which act together as a single unit. Even distribution of data makes it highly fault tolerant and durable that in turn motivates higher number of businesses and individuals to seek its services. It is also pretty consistent with the data replicas, which is the capability to replicate data.

Abiding by the technical aspects, object storage would be the best definition to specify its architecture. Prominent cloud storage services that follow the object storage architecture as per wikipedia thus include EMC Atmos, OceanStore, Amazon S3 ad more.

Advantages Of Cloud Storage

As obvious, there are umpteen advantages of using cloud storage to back your important data  such as:

  • Freedom from overloading your own data centers with redundant data
  • Assurance of high end safety and security for all your sensitive data
  • Ease to make expenditures as per the required storage space with the help of unique virtual storage features such as thin provisioning
  • No need to install large size datacenter if the storage requirement is limited
  • Comfort to access the stored data from anywhere and anytime irrespective of the computing device
  • Data storage and maintenance tasks being taken care of by service provider thereby setting you free from the involved hassles
  • Easy transfer of files or images across multiple data centers and between different user accounts.

To summarize, cloud storage is definitely a concept to opt for if you want to assure high end security for your data and further, wish to access it almost anywhere and anytime as per your own will. You can seek its services by approaching any of the renowned companies operating into this business.