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Being one of the most versatile technologies innovated till date, cloud computing and its managed services have brought about drastic changes to improvise and enhance the existing IT infrastructures.

With the aim to deliver a highly scalable, reliable and cost-effective business solution, cloud computing methodology has become need of the hour to win the race for surviving in the tough business world. It’s indeed an interesting time for technologists, as according to Market Research Media “Cloud market will hit $270 billion by 2020”. It will worth $83 billion by year 2016 as projected by Visiongain. Transformation is still in progress as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, dean of Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms shown great interest in cloud by investing $100 million last year.

Nevertheless, besides knowing all the facets of Cloud Computing Services, bringing in new innovations should always be the prime agenda of technology people.

Let us ponder upon few of the latest advancements that have taken place in several organizations.

Symantec Corp.

Recently, Symantec Corp has incorporated a cloud storage and backup race with its sister concern enterprise Vault Solutions.

The advancement has been made due to the acquisitions of LiveOffice at a price of approximately US $ 115 million.

Making cloud computing a part of their Instant Messaging Security platform has been due to the prime reason to keep a track of viruses and worms that come from vicious websites and pose threat to the security of their instant messages that float within their organization the entire day. Instant messages are one of the pivotal elements of communication amongst members of an organization.

However, this is the prime reason why organizations should look forward for safeguarding all such messages from thefts and access by the unauthorized parties. Moreover, doing so with a versatile technology like cloud computing can reap one benefits in this direction.

What is Cloud Computing


IBM Smart Cloud

The latest news from the cloud industry in the start of the year 2012 is IBM’s newly launched IBM Smart Cloud platform and IBM Docs – Cloud based Productivity should prove a great cloud platform for social businesses.

SmartCloud has been developed with a view to help organizations keep a track of contacts, have access to files arrange meeting through custom solutions merged with IBM’s already functioning LotusLive Content.

On the contrary, IBM Docs offers the privilege of cloud-productivity suite that enables user to maintain spreadsheets, presentation software and help them process their word documents in its virtual environment.


The recent move of Jaspersoft to the RedHat’s OpenShift PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service area has been an indication for the businesses that they can now construct and implement applications using their cloud infrastructure conveniently and smoothly.

General Overview

These are only few of the lot much latest advancement that cloud computing has experienced recently.

On this note, it is very well understood that cloud technology is here to evolve and is growing at a fast pace with new innovations and advanced methodologies.

Businesses too have started getting acquainted with the concept and wish to expand and grow their branches worldwide with the help of cloud platform. The public and private cloud market is developing keen interest, varying from size of enterprises. Unisphere Research/Information Today Inc. predicted that larger organizations are mostly inclined towards private cloud while smaller businesses are going for public cloud.

Prime reason for cloud computing to become a core part of the business environment is the fact that it offers cost-effective solutions and the device independent world that is otherwise an expensive area.

For every, newly start up businesses, using cloud platform can make them reach at unstoppable heights leaving the already established ones behind.


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