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WordPress Performance Optimization

WordPress has emerged as the most successful and widely-used open-source content management system over the past few years. Recent research revealed that WordPress powered new websites make up 65% of all the new websites. A greater and steady performance is the core requirement for a successful website like WordPress.

You can ensure that your site is providing a good experience to your visitors by keeping your site’s performance high. Therefore, WordPress performance optimization is necessary for better performance of your WordPress website. This blog covers some of the essential WordPress performance optimization tips that everyone must know. Keeping up with the pace of tough competition all over, these WordPress performance optimization tips are a must read.

Before moving on, it is advised that you measure your WordPress website’s current performance. This will help you in comparing the results once you are done with WordPress optimization. You’ll realize how these WordPress performance optimization tips turned out to be so helpful for you.

10 Useful Tips to Optimize WordPress Performance

Listed below are some of the WordPress performance optimization tips that are easy to adopt and results in greater efficiency of your WordPress website.

To comply with these WordPress performance optimization tips you don’t need to be a tech savvy. It’s pretty simple to do by yourself – so let’s read-out the WordPress performance optimization cheat sheet.

Tip # 1: Install a Caching Plug-in

The most convenient method one can adopt to enhance the WordPress performance and speed of your website is to install a caching plug-in.

You can try “WP Super Cache” or “W3 Total Cache”. These two plugins are renowned in the particular domain and hence, a great option for WordPress performance optimization.

Tip # 2: Always use the most updated WordPress Version

You must always upgrade to the latest version of WordPress soon after its release in order to keep up make use of the latest features ensuring optimal performance.

Majority of the tech and WordPress security geeks advices the same (to update the version). It helps website owners or those who are running it a smooth way to run their operations, hence, an effective WordPress performance optimization tip one must adopt.

Tip # 3: Use Updated Plug-ins and Themes

Always look for the upgraded versions for your installed themes and plug-ins. This will keep your website secure and fast. It is witnessed that lots of website goes down due to extended plug-ins request and addition.

So it is advised to update wordpress plugins on consistent basis which eventually leads to WordPress performance optimization. Therefore, your WP site would be safe, super-fast and secure.

Tip # 4: Deactivate or Uninstall Unnecessary Plug-ins

You should either remove or deactivate those plug-ins that are not required or you use them occassionaly. This will add up to the speed of the loading of the site.

This particular performance tip is very essential in WordPress optimzation as it diminishes the request over server which eventually optimize WordPress performance to a great extent.

Tip # 5: Get your PHP and Database Queries Minimized

Another method of WordPress optimization is that, you can minimize the PHP and database queries. This can be done by replacing the PHP queries with static HTML as it allows your browser to read the HTML coding only beacause PHP queries always take time to load.

Tip # 6: Frequent Database Optimization is Must

Frequent optimization of data base helps in reducing your over head. The most recommended plug-in among the WordPress optimization tools is ‘myPhpAdmin’.

This plug-in lets you optimize your data base in the most frequent manner and in no time. An alternative plug-in suggested for you is OptimizeDB plugin.

Tip # 7: Choose the Best Web-Hosting Provider

A poor web hosting will slow down your website’s performance drastically. It is advised to avail the services of some best web hosting provider (preferably not shared hosting). This will have a positive impact on your WordPress Site.

Tip # 8: Image Optimization Aids WordPress Optimization

One of the most significant WordPress optimization tips is image optimization. Large sized and animated images put a massive load on your site’s performance.

You can optimize the pictures of your site by using Shrink O’Matic. It is an application that allows you to shrink or resize the images supporting different formats that include JPGs, PNGs and GIFs.

Tip # 9: Remove Unnecessary Content

WordPress optimization also includes removing outdated posts, revisions and spam comments. These kind of contents together have reasonable load on your WordPress website’s database.

Tip # 10: Monitoring WordPress Site’s Performance

This is the most important tip among all the WordPress optimization tips as it lets you monitor your WordPress site’s performance and tell what level of WordPress optimization is need.

By inserting the below mentioned code in your site’s template, you can review the time duration that your page takes to load. It will also display the number of executed sql queries. This will guide you the right level of WordPress optimization required.

<?php echo get_num_queries(); ?> queries in <?php timer_stop(1); ?>  seconds

10 WordPress Performance Optimization Plugins to Look On

After discussing some of the WordPress performance optimization tips – let us now provider our readers with some useful WordPress performance optimization plugins that could help you in improving your WP site performance, expeditiously.


WordPress Performance Optimization – Final Words

Making use of these WordPress optimization tips will surely enhance the performance of your website. If you keep a track of your site’s performance, you will find a reasonable difference as a result of WordPress optimization.

You never know how much more visitors you can attract to your site if you keep on optimizing your WordPress Site using the above mentioned WordPress optimization tips.


. Optimize your WordPress Website yourself, before someone else does it for you..