Top Managed Hosting Providers

Deploying any cloud model is not an easy task unless you are a technology geek or possesses sound knowledge on Cloud hosting. To deploy a safer cloud model (Infrastructure based), you need to have someone (Automated system or Workforce) who can look after your hosting, monitoring, migrating and managing your cloud related activities. We have evaluated Top 10 Managed Hosting providers that will help you in setting up cloud infrastructure, and manage all your monitoring, backing up and administration needs.

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WPEngine has been providing its exclusive managed hosting services since 2010 with focus on speed, security and scalability. Although a bit dearer compared to the competition WPEngine offers a fully managed hosting platform to over 40,000 clients around the world. WPEngine has 4 subscription plans aimed from individual to enterprise clients. WPEngine’s cutting edge infrastructure allows the service admirable loading times coupled with consistent 99% uptime. The provider offers great featu Read more

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CloudWays is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider offering its brilliant managed hosting services since 2012. Apart from their excellent service features the company has integrated support for Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Google Compute Engine. An assortment of applications is available on CloudWays including WordPress, Magento etc. and a brilliant PHP Stack that enables you to install any PHP application like ZenCart etc. CloudWays is known for its excellent 99.99% server up Read more

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Pagely is a veteran of the managed hosting industry and after its revamp in 2009 the service has revolutionized the way websites are hosted. Pagely offers an innovative automated signup process to save time while offering penny wise subscriptions from individual to enterprise level. Known for their world class infrastructure that radically reduces load times, Pagely servers are also acclaimed for their 99% uptime using the Amazon S3 platform. The company has inventively revamped its custo Read more

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From its inception in 1998, (mt) Media Temple has been on a mission to help people and businesses succeed online. Over 125,000 customers in 100 countries now rely on Media Temple's simple tools for domain registration, web hosting, business applications, virtual servers, and other cloud services to power more than 1.5 million websites. The company takes pride in offering a premium service at a competitive price, along with exemplary 24/7 customer support. Read more

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KahunaHost pioneers in providing the efficient managed Cloud hosting solutions to individuals. KahunaHost also offers traditional Cloud hosting solutions to users with robust and agile support. However, individuals that cannot manage their hosting environments and platforms on their own are further facilitated by KahunaHost via their managed Cloud hosting solution. KahunaHost offers users cost-effective pricing plans to suit any kind of budget. Read more

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