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» Founded:2010
» Headquarters:USA
» Free Trial:Yes
» Free Space:Web based
» Editor Rating:
» User Rating:
» Editor Rating:
Rated 4/5 based on 3 customer reviews
» Starting Price:$9.99/mo

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Brief Description

Copy, an advanced Cloud storage solution lets you protect your files and folders in a robustly maintained Cloud environment. With Copy you can synchronize your Cloud storage with all the devices your causally use, even with your smart phones too. Copy is compatible with most of the latest and trending mobile phone operating systems which helps you access your files from anywhere you want. Copy also allows you share your storage space with your friends, colleagues and family members publicly or


  • »   File Versioning
  • »   Restore Deleted Files
  • »   File Preview
  • »   Share files and Folders
  • »   100% Automated
  • »   File Protection
  • »   Scheduled Backup
  • »   Resumes After Interruption
  • »   Incremental Backup
  • »   File Sharing / Streaming
  • »   Unlimited Backup Storage Space
  • »   Drag-and-Drop Support
  • »   Folder/File Sharing
  • »   Remote Access / Manager
  • »   Sync Multiple Devices
  • »   Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • »   Web File Archive
  • »   Sync Folder
  • »   Edit Office documents online
  • »   Desktop Sync
  • »   Automatic / Idle Backup(s)

Copy Pricing

Free $9.99/mo 250GB 1GB Try Now
Personal $399/yr 100GB 1GB Try Now
Business $999/yr 500GB 1GB Try Now

Operating Systems

  • » Windows
  • » Linux
  • » Mac
  • » iPhone
  • » iPad
  • » Android
  • » BlackBerry
  • » Windows Mobile
  • » Kindlefire

Payment Options

  • »   Paypal
  • »   American Express
  • »   Bank Transfer
  • »   Mastercard
  • »   Visa / Debit Card
  • »   Discover
  • »   JCB
  • »   Diners Club
  • »   Cheque or Cash


  • »   At Rest File Encyrption
  • »   SSL Secure Data Transfer
  • »   Encrypted Storage
  • »   Multilevel File Security
  • »   FTP / WebDav Access & Support
  • »   256-bit Encryption
  • »   User Generated Encryption Key
  • »   Continuous Automatic File Backup
  • »   Near-Continuous Data Protection
  • »   Password Protection
  • »   Secure File Uploading and Downloading
  • »   Continuous / Super Fast Backup
  • »   Geo-Redundant Storage


  • » Chat Support
  • » Email Support
  • » Phone Support
  • » Blog / Knowledge Base
  • » Tutorials
  • » Forum


Copy is an advanced Cloud storage solution that lets you store and protect data residing in your computers in the well maintained and secure Cloud environments. Copy provides users the ability to utilize a huge amount of storage space in the Clouds for safe keeping their cherished and precious digital assets.

The versatile Cloud storage solution of Copy has the distinctions to provide users robust features along with the Cloud storage option. With Copy users have the ability to synchronize their stored data with all the devices they use in their homes or offices.

In this way, they can easily collaborate with data and make the most of it without even worrying about using physical storage devices. Hence, it can rightly be said that Copy is the ultimate alternative to the conventional file storage and transition means.

With Copy at your side you get to worry less regarding the safety of your data residing in potentially vulnerable physical storage devices- as your data is always kept safe in the well managed Cloud storage servers. Copy also promises great accessibility, users can always access their data from anywhere in the world through internet- obviously after bypassing strict authorization protocols. Not-only-this, Copy also lets you access your Cloud storage space form smart phones as Copy is compatible with all the latest versions of smart phone operating systems.

Copy also benefits specific corporate environments with its great share-ability features. As in offices or organization there is a consistent requirement of data transition, Copy lets you achieve all of that via its easy to use interface. Users can easily set up public or private partitions in their Cloud storage space and share their data with their colleagues, on the go. However, with its diversified pricing and plans Copy promises way more collaborative features in its premium plan.

Copy further extends the opportunity for home users to feel its charisma by offering 5GB of storage space on every free subscription. Not only this, while using your free space if you refer copy to your friends and family, you get to add more GBs in your existing Storage limit.

All-in-all, Copy lets you handle your data in the easiest possible way and share with your friends and family on the fly. Copy also inhibits your previous concerns of sending large emails as now you can email or share gigantic files in just one click.
Copy enables you to share & access your files & other stuff securely from anywhere. Sign up Copy & Get 5GB of FREE Copy cloud storage now.
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