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» Founded:2000
» Headquarters:USA
» Free Trial:No
» Interface:Web based / API
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» Starting Price:$5/mo

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Brief Description

If it’s a fast and responsive website you want that is hosted in a most well fashioned and equally reliable Cloud hosting environment then you might want to look for the revolutionary Cloud Hosting provider DigitalOcean. With proactive services and fully modified infrastructure DigitalOcean promises Cloud users a highly responsive, scalable and agile environment where they can more efficiently manage their Cloud infrastructure.


  • »   Scheduled Backup
  • »   Auto Scaling
  • »   Elastic Load Balancing
  • »   Multiple Locations
  • »   Elastic IP Addresses
  • »   On-Demand Instances
  • »   Reserved Instances
  • »   Spot Instances
  • »   Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • »   Storage Gateway
  • »   Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • »   Backup and Storage
  • »   Back up & disaster recovery
  • »   High-Availability Environment
  • »   API Access
  • »   Web-based Cloud Management
  • »   Automated Backups
  • »   Management Console
  • »   Server Cloning
  • »   Rapid deployment
  • »   High Performance Computing
  • »   Data Encryption
  • »   Monitoring
  • »   HIPAA Compliant
  • »   PCI Compliant
  • »   SAS 70
  • »   Access Control

Operating Systems

  • » Windows
  • » Linux

Payment Options

  • »   Paypal
  • »   American Express
  • »   Bank Transfer
  • »   Mastercard
  • »   Visa / Debit Card
  • »   Discover
  • »   JCB
  • »   Diners Club
  • »   Cheque or Cash


  • » Chat Support
  • » Email Support
  • » Phone Support
  • » Blog / Knowledge Base
  • » Tutorials
  • » Forum


Although there are numerous Cloud vendors out there but what differentiates DigitalOcean is there extremely fast and agile Cloud servers. DigitalOcean prides itself for equipping its Servers with SSD drives and flexible API that allow users to maneuver their IT system operations seamlessly.

DigitalOcean provides users the opportunity to deploy their Cloud servers in a minute so that they can than transition their domains and data onto to DigitalOcean’s reliable Cloud environment. Their methodology for resource provisioning screams that they cater to Clientele more than their expectations. Along with Tier 1 bandwidth, DigitalOcean allow users to leverage amazingly well kept Cloud servers all through flexible and user friendly APIs.

Not only this, DigitalOcean also pioneers in providing users a very proficient Crisis management strategy. While hosting your online presence onto the Cost effective servers of DigitalOcean, users can woryy less regarding the safe keeping of their data. Not only is their data safe into the fully secure Cloud environment of Digital Ocean, but digital ocean also provides round the Clock backups to the infrastructure of the users.

With such operations garnering the Worry less Cloud experience, users can excel more in their business development knowing that they will be live round the Cloud. Users residing onto any pricing plan of Digital Ocean also have the ability to Schedule their backups.

DigitalOcean also equips users with easy to use DNS management and console systems where they can easily manage all of their domains. Apart from scaling numerous resources that Digital Ocean puts at the disposal of users, if for once users like to upgrade their servers, they can do this at any time of the day in just few Clicks.

Although the basic configuration of each servers by default is applicable for most of the domains however, if you feel that that your domain requires a bit more from each server then the server resizing features can easily facilitate you.

Digital Ocean has up to five packages to offer to Cloud users which are all distinct in terms of their features and attributes. However, in accordance with their first pricing plan, Users can get onto the full fledge Cloud environment of DigitalOcean literally only at Dollar 5.

However, users who would want to acquire larger clouds can fully customize the offerings of DigitalOcean and get a Custom Quotation. Such meritorious features of DigitalOcean’s Cloud hosting are doubled with 24/7 Support and SLAs that promise 99.99 % availability.
DigitalOcean - DigitalOcean is a smart Cloud hosting build for developers. DigitalOcean deploys SSD server which provides blazing fast cloud technology

Pricing of DigitalOcean

Price Models DigitalOcean Offers Pay as you go Monthly

$0.007per hour
$5.00per month
N/Aper year

Per GB

Not Available

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