MyPCBackup Review


  • Free Trial
  • Easy to subscribe & Easy to use
  • Military Grade Encrypted Backup
  • Excellent affordable pricing
  • Synchronization of multiple devices
  • Automatic Backup
  • Instant File Sharing
  • Available over multiple OS & Devices
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  • Extra charge of additional storage & Add-ons
  • Strict Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
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My PC Backup is one of two brands from ‘Just Develop it!’that offers exclusive cloud storage to business and home users. The brand’s concept is simple “Backup Your Computer, Backup Your Life”. The brand is established with the premise that all your data may it be photos, video, documents, music and everything else is 100% and always available to you. 


Easy To Navigate Website

The service offers a very simple website, clean from annoying ads and irrelevant media. There is a brilliant How It Works section that gives you a video tutorial to better demonstrate how the service backs up your files. 


The sign up is very easy and simple requiring an email address and then you are set to go. The software is automatically downloaded after sign up. Do remember that if there is a malware warning during software download, ignore it and continue download there are no infections in the service.

MyPCBackup Features

MyPCBackup offers all the basic tid-bits of cloud storage, including:

Multiple OS Platforms

You can use MyPCBackup on multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. 


The website control panel is accessible from most OS platforms with desktop & mobile clients available for commonly used platforms only. This simply gives you the versatility to create backups and make data recoveries on practically any OS and device you wish. 

Encrypted & Secure file backup 

Using state of the art encryption keys and secure file transfer protocols your data is backed-up keeping mind the highest security standards. Since the NSA, GCHQ, Facebook, Microsoft and many other entities are so interested in extracting your data,let’s not give them the privilege to do so with some proactive security. 


Using state of the art data encryption keys (256bit) and more stringent authentication leys(1024bit and 2048bit) MyPCBackup ensures your data stays safe and the only person that can access it is you. 

Share your files anywhere and anytime 

MyPCBackup gives you the ability to share your files anywhere in the world, on an array of devices including Android and iOS devices. The brilliant MyPCBackup webpanel gives you the ability to share your files to email, Facebook or Twitter contacts directly.

So be it at school or university share your favorite music and photos with friends, share you precious video and photo memories with the family at home, or share you presentations and documents at work all with a single click on any compatible device. 

MyPCBackup Free trial 

MyPCBackup also offer a limited storage trial so you can test their service before subscribing. The free trial is available on the website as soon as you log on. The free trial although only gives you 15MB to work with but is a good realistic preview of their brilliant service. 


Access all available features to see the simplicity and ease of MyPCBackup. Be sure to test the recovery of data multiple times and also check versioning various files to see how accurately your files are backed up.

No Hard-drive Required

When using MyPCBackup you will never require your Hard Disk for even a byte of data.Your files will always be secured on the cloud without the threat of any files being infiltrated unlike the Apple iCloud. This means you never have to carry around extra hardware or even a USB stick as an emergency backup.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible 

The MyPCBackup serviceoffers “100% Compatibility” with mobile and tablet devices ensuring you can share your precious photos and videos with friends & family on any compatible mobile device. Currently, apps are available for Android, Kindle Fire, iOS and Blackberry devices. 

File Versioning

The MyPCBackup service allows automatic backup to ensure the latest versions of your files are available on the cloud storage. This is a great option for those at work or students who need updated copies of their presentations or assignments always backed up.

Versioning ensures you always have the latest copies of your work may it be documents, assignments, videos, photo albums etc.

100% Automatic Backup 

Automatic backup will keep your files up to date plus back up any new files on your system as soon as they are identified. The easy to use apps and web Control Panel ensure your backup is up to date without you having to secure your latest files.

The mobile & desktop apps are configured to check you folders for newer versions of files thus making sure all important files are automatically backedup while you complete routine online tasks. 

Synchronization on Multiple Computers

The service synchronizes files from any computer that you install the software on. This ensures you can backup data from all family or business PCs with peace of mind that files are 100% secure. Those with other family members looking for a secure and perpetual backup solution can have multiple logins and secure data of the entire family in one account. 

Similarly, businesses can use MyPCBackup to easily backup, version and recover crucial data in documents from multiple sources. Users can share files through the web control panel or the apps across multiple devices. Secure all your devices and have categorized folders for every user updated every time you activate the app or the logon to the Control Panel. 

24/7/365 Customer Support 

24/7 customer support means you can be get help anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. The next time you have a backup issue never hesitate to contact the provider over email & phone. A well designed and populated FAQ is also available for you to get immediate help for you issue.

Multiple Data Centers

MyPCBackup never stores your files on a single server to ensure security of your data. Data is backups are saved over multiple data centers based all over the world. So, MyPCBackup doesn’t just back up your data, the service ensures you will need so other backup medium or service.

Restoring Files

If restoring files was difficult, what is the point of backing up all your precious files and other data? To make this as easy as possible MyPCBackup is designed to ensure not only backups are done quickly, but restoring files is easier &faster too.

MyPCBackup deploys both a user friendly onsite Control Panel, and, a brilliant easy to use desktop app to make things easier to manage. State of the art mobile apps ensure you are never without your files and can restore& share filesanywhere anytime. 

Reviewer’s Verdict 

During my free trial with MyPCBackup, I noticed the service was very easy to sign-up and use. Signup was no more than 2 steps and an email confirmation, while usage was much simpler than other cloud providers I have seen. The service is definitely meant for users looking for ease rather than a fancy design.

Using the 15 MB limited storage space given in the free trial I backed few songs and documents took less than 10 seconds to do it. Assuming large file sizes the vendor guarantees high speed backup using minimal resources and highest data security standards.

The remarkable mobile phone app is truly state of the art offering instant backup, recovery, sharing and file preview features. Backup through both PC & mobile is simply“fast”, and the backups were immediately available. The apps are so easy to use you will never have to log on to the website Control Panel.

The best thing about the service is the brilliant file recovery, and can be done to any number of devices including mobile and tablets. You can share your music, photos and documents anytime anywhere with only an internet connection nothing else.

The days of carrying huge hard drives, USB sticks and easily corruptible Memory cards is over, join the cloud revolution. MyPCBackup provides you one easy solution for all your storage needs, read through their brilliant subscription plans and find the best backup solutions for your precious memories, favorite music, confidential documents and other critical data.