• Daily Automatic Backups with 14 day retention
  • 99.99% Server Uptimes
  • Amazon S3 Cloud infrastructure
  • Automatic WP upgrades
  • Advanced Network Security
  • HHVM support
  • WP Multisite management feature
  • Global CDN for high speed loading times
  • Push button website cloning feature


  • High additional cost for Expanding Bandwidth, CDN, and Disk Space
  • There is no money back policy
  • Extra cost to access FTP
  • Hidden Costs after subscription

Based on the idea of improving WordPress, Pagely was founded in 2006revolutionizing themanagement of Word Press hosting. Pagely also have the honor of being the first Managed Word Press Cloud hosting platforms. The service infrastructure is executed through the Firehost platform, which is possibly the safest to operate secure cloud hosting.

Pagely utilizes Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) technology to deliver their state of the artWord Press hosting platform.Using highest standards of service quality,Pagely secures Word Press powered websites, improves webpage loading times, optimizes posts for faster access, performs automatic plug-in updates and creates daily backups to the Amazon S3 cloud.

Pagely offers revolutionary hosting technologies including a custom interface, video tutorials plusa brilliant FAQ section designed to help users of all levels to get acquainted to the platform. Our Pagely Review will analyze the various aspects of Pagely’sservice bundle to determine if the service truly meets the bold claims. 

Reliability is one of the defining features at Pagely guaranteeing a 99% server uptime, ensuring your website never goesoffline. Countless customers have reviewed the service where few have claimed a phenomenal server uptime of 100%. 


“We saw more than a 200% increase in performance without changing a thing.”– (WPSiteCare Review)

Unique Selling Proposition

Pagely differentiate their services from the competition on the basis of three advantages:

  • Innovation
  • Scalability , and
  • Independence 

Apart from being the innovators who created managed Word Press hosting, a wealth of technical experience over a span of 10 years makes Pagely truly unique. Constant innovation has kept the brand name strong their services unmatched.

Scalability powered by Amazon S3 cloud platform allows website owners to quickly address their need for increasing storage and webpage content capacity. The ability of Pagely hosting services to make scalability a two-way street makes it a perfect choice for users who wish to delegate this task.   

Pagely is not a corporation, it is a people centric organization providing Word Press hosting with personal care and attention. Pagely provides the personal touch and freedom to your webhosting needs that you deserve. 

Pagely Subscription Plans

Pagely offers 6 unique innovative subscription plans meant to cater large corporations to single website individuals. We have summarized the 6 plans below:

Business Plan

Priced at $64/month the Business Plan is instantly setup (automatic & custom) and allows a maximum of 3 WordPress websites. 10GB of SSD disk space allows this minimum feature plan to establish fast page load times complemented by 10GB of bandwidth allocated by the provider.

Pagely’s Business plan uses Memcached as itscustom cache enginein addition to SSL support and SPDY to allow for faster SSL webpage loading times. The plan also provides advanced securityand expert customer service (only Tickets available for this plan)for routine issues.

Professional Plan

Pagely’s Professional plan is priced at $149/month and allows Word Press management of 10 websites.Setup is instant and can be automatic or custom depending on the user. Provided with the package are 20GB of SSD diskspaceand 25GB bandwidth consumption. To decrease site load timesPagely provides a content delivery network(CDN)of 100GB.

By default the Professional plan utilizes Memcached as it weapon of choice plus SSL, Dedicated IPs and SPDY. The plan also offers the multi-site option, allowing the management of multiple website with one account. The only support channel for Professional plan subscribersis through the Ticketing system.

VPS Plans Plan

Advanced subscription packages offered by Pagely include: 

  • VPS 1 offered for $399 and allows management of 35 websites
  • VPS 2 offered for $799 and allows management of 50 websites
  • VPS 3 offered for $999 and allows management of 35 websites
  • VPN 4 offered for $1,799 and allows management of 50 websites

All VPS subscription plans require 2-3 days setup time which can be automatic or custom depending on subscriber needs.All VPS plans also allow the same 50GB disk space. Bandwidth allowed for the four subscription plans are 150GB (VPS-1), 250GB (VPS-2), 500GB (VPS-3) and 500GB (VPS-4).

Pagely’s CDN for the advanced VPN plans are also a mouthwatering prospect and include 750GB (VPS-1), 1.5TB (VPS-2), 2.5TB (VPS-3) and3.5TB (VPS-4). All VPS subscriptions also get exclusive Live Chat support in addition to the Ticketing system.

All 4 VPSsubscription plans also offerthe ability to create push button clones for website testing allowing subscribers the ease and freedom during development phase. VPS plans feature GIT/SVN collaboration allowing for more synergy and cooperation between developer teams.

A unique feature of VPS plans is the addition of HHVM or HipHop Virtual Machineallowing users to host websites through thisrevolutionary tool rather through Apache.VPS plans use Redis as their customer cache engine, plus the WP-CLI feature to further facilitate developers using Pagely services.

Note: All VPS pricing is based on US datacenters, International datacenter costs will be additional and charged monthly. 


WordPress sites are secured through Pagely’s own PressArmor(advanced network security feature) which secures websites against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, brute force attacks and allows scanning for malware plus tools for removing the identified malware.


PressArmor as Pagely explain, is a complete security architecture developed after years of research by Pagely experts. PressArmor is enhanced to monitor network, hardware and application security whileproviding clientstheir brilliant hosting services. Pagely claim that PressArmor’s primary task is to alleviaterisks for their entire client base. 


Pagely offers a dedicated support section on their brilliant website offering immediate help for their Hosting subscribers, Migration services in addition toa Live System Status Report.There is also a very helpful FAQ section designed to support users of all levels.

You can always submit tickets through their quick response Ticketing System for troubleshooting and uncommon errors in services. Pagely Live Chat feature is only available to all VPSsubscription plans for proactive & immediate problem resolution.


The excellent FAQ section mentioned above has been designed to help from beginner to advance level users. From setting up Pagely services to troubleshooting advanced issues all information is available through the specialized FAQ.


A review ladies and gentlemen is never complete without the vision of a product or service’s creator. To truly know the dedication behind Pagely, its co-founders and its expert team of technicianswe take a quote from their Co-founder& CMO Sally Strebel:

“We never thought of it as customer service; we just treat people how we would wish to be treated.”

Pagely is a titanic brand name known for its high speed webpage delivery, experienced technical staff, proactive customer support and excellent server up times. Pagely tends to keep clients in the loop and updates them on new services and software through their social presence.

The management is highly involved with their marketing, operations and customer service ensuring a superb customer response and satisfaction statistics.