WP Engine Review


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups to Amazon S3 servers
  • Malware & Malicious Script Scanning
  • Staging Area
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Optimized for practically all WordPress Setups
  • Choice of Hosting Region
  • Firewall Security
  • Tested & Reviewed load times and Server Reliability
Visit Site >> 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Too Pricy compared to competing service providers
  • Shared Hosting for Personal & Professional Plans
  • Does not account bots when website traffic is flooded
  • Auto renewal without authorization
  • Added Costs of bandwidth, CDN, Dedicated IP and WPE SSL
Visit Site >> 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Founded in 2010, WP Engine has been providing managed WordPress hosting solutionsbased on the principles of simplicity and security.The company is established on the values of Doing the Right Thing, Inspire Customers, Making the Best Better, Solutions that Last and Aspiring to Lead.

WP Engine offers a mix of brilliant hosting plans meant to cater from individuals to huge multi-site enterprises. WPEnginehosting addressesthe basic needs to deliversuperior WordPressmanagement services.WP Engineeliminatesthe marketing jargon ofcomplex features portrayed by competingWord Press hosting platforms.

Our WP Engine review 2015 will address the latest upgrades made by the brand in the areas of Speed, Support, Stability,Security and Flexibility.Now, we will quickly overviewthe hostingplans offered by WP Engine.

WPEngine Hosting Plans & Features

WPEngine offer 5 unique hosting subscriptions available forbasic websitesto enterprises. Below are the monthly costs of the amazingWP Engine hosting plans:

All WPEngine hosting plansare offered with an acclaimed 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This allows you to properly test the service and decided after complete satisfaction if you wish to continue. The fiveWPEngine hosting plans come with varying feature and we have taken the privilege to list them all together for you: 

All data backups for WPEngine hosting are created on Amazon S3 servers ensuring top tier encryption and security of data. In addition to backup servers, WPEnginemaintain audit logs (retained for 7 days)that record host names, account identifiers, date & time stamps, activities and source network addresses.

WP-Engine Speed Testing

Since its inception speed has never been an issue for the WPEngine hosting platform.To address high speed loading times and performance WPEngine allows you to choose the server you wish to host your website on.

Caching is probably one of the most crucial backend issues website owners experience to enhance the loading times of their webpages and accompanying elements.Using EverCache WPEngine keep loading times optimized for a brilliant user experience. EverCache is considered one of the most sophisticated server software delivering pages 5 times faster than other plugins.

Since the EverCache software is fully integrated into the WP Engine infrastructure there is no need for developers to embed caching plugins into WordPress. The EverCache software also has the flexibility to assign special caching rules. 

In the trend above you can notice the page load times for Seattle Search Network’s website before December 2014. As soon as the website migrated to WP Engine hosting the website load time reduced from close to 2.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

WP-Engine Flexibility

Using a diverse range of hosting plans WP Engine provides you the flexibility to choose how many websites you wish to manage. The plans also offer brackets for how many visitors access your websites monthly. The subscription plans alsoprovide you the flexibility to choosefrom a minimum of 10GB to a maximum of 1TB storage space.

Content Delivery Networks or CDN is an add-on for the basic hosting plan, while it comes included with all other plans.CDN ensure that no matter which region visitors come from they are delivered fast loading web pages.

The brilliant flexibility of WP Engine hostingalso ensures that your website is never down. Since there are limits on the traffic (e.g. basic plan 25k visitor limit) that your website experiencesthe provider immediately informs you and upgrades your service to the next bracket. You can of coarse cancel the upgrade to the more costlyhosting bracket but WP Engine keeps your website going nonetheless. 

WP-Engine Support

You will notice that not all WordPress hosting providers offer complete channels for customer support. There will be some channel that providers will choose not to have, WP Engine hosting howeverprovides ALL of them.

Yes, WP Engine hosting offers a 24/7 Live Chat Support, Phone Support, Ticketing System, FAQ Database and active Social Network presence. The Live Chat is an absolute gem with someone available to help24/7while phone call support is active during working hours.

WP-Engine Security

To keep your website performing and at its maximum capability, WPEngine hosting secure you with their state of the art web security infrastructure. Features including disk write protection, disk write limitations, disk write privileges, script protection and dis-allowed plug-insall power the security of your website. 

WP-Engine Scalability

WPEngine ensures that your website never goes offline and restricted to a certain visitor traffic threshold. When the automated system senses that visitor traffic has exceeded that of your hosting subscription it upgrades your platform to the next level.

Therefore, if for instance your traffic crosses the 25,000 visitor threshold to 30,000 visitors you will be automatically upgraded to the professional hosting plan.

WP-Engine Other Features

Disk Write Protection

To ensure that malicious codes cannot embed itself into your website by changing the file system, for example in guise of a WordPress plugin or tool that require various changes to the file system of your hard-disk.

WPEngine hosting ensures that its “disk write protection” limits processeswhich can write to the source hard disk.

Disk Write Limitations

WPEngine’shighly secure infrastructure logs each file system activity log to distinguishbetween malicious and non-malicious code. There can be special permissions setup in case webmasters require certain instructions for developers and other backend staff.

Disk Write Privileges

WPEngine hosting restricts privileges for any Generic PHP codes or other tools/scripts that are not authorized to change the file system.

Script Protection

The vulnerability of scripts is nothing new and is a priority for WP Engine to scan, identify and disallow such scripts. WP Engine restricts Tim Thumb &Uploadify due to their threatening nature.

Disallowed Plug-Ins

Some WordPress plug-ins inadvertently exposes websites to vulnerabilities and opens them to malicious attacks. WPEngine hosting offersitsbrilliant scanner that searches and automatically disables such plug-ins.


WPEngine boasts a brilliant service offering and is highly acclaimed for its excellent site load times. The service also offers a highly skilled support staff and multiple support channels. While the service is a bit pricy compared to the competition, it is a great prospect for basic &intermediate users allowing them hands on management of their WordPress Websites.